Our reporters on reaching Umuezechua village to ascertain the matter, interviewed some youths of the village.


In the interview, one of the youths (name withheld) narrated to our correspondent, the genesis of the matter, he started by telling us, how one Master Nonso Chigelu of Umuezechua village and his accomplice Master Chiemelie Enechukwu of Akpom village, tried to rape a school girl of Starlight Model School, Ogidi ,at “Ofia Akpom”, but fortunately for the girl, one Mr Emeka Uzoegbu (Commander of Boys Brigade, Ogidi Zone) who also hails from Umuezechua village accosted them and prevented them from raping the student. The incident happened at month of March, 2018. Then the following morning, Master Nonso Chigelu and Master Chiemelie Enechukwu, went to the residence of Mr Emeka Uzoegbu, with dangerous weapons to attack him, but fortunately for Mr Uzoegbu, when they attacked him with a Machete, he defended himself with his right hand and they gave him a deep cut at his hand, and when they sensed that Mr Emeka Uzoegbu might die as a result of lost of blood, they fled the scene and Mr Uzoegbu was taken to the hospital by the concerned neighbours and he later survived the incident.

RUSSIA possible Lineup Igor Akinfeev – Ignashevich, Smolnikov, Vasin – Samedov, Dzagoev, Golovin, Yerokhin, Zhirkov – Smolov, Dzyuba. Saudi Arabia Possible Lineup Al-Mayouf – Al-Harbi, Omar Hawsawi, Osama Hawsawi, Al-Shahrani – Al-Faraj, Al-Khaibri – Al-Shehri, Al-Dawsari, Al-Jassim – Mohammad Al-Sahlawi.

The youth, went further to narrate that Umuezechua Youths Association decided to handle the case, because several cases(Snatching,Cultism,Raping) has been reported previously against Master Nonso Chigelu, by inviting Master Nonso Chigelu to appear before them, but he failed the invitation for four times, it was heard that Master Nonso Chigelu was bragging that he is untouchable for the youths.


Then, the main issue started on Saturday being 9th of June, 2018 , after the youths send an envoy to Master Nonso Chigelu’s house, inviting him to appear before the youths on or before 15th June, before the burial of his father. But instead of responding to the invitation of the youths, the mother of the holigan, Master Nonso Chigelu, by the name Mrs Nneka Chigelu went and connivied with Mr Patrick Udogwu (Chairman, Umudioka Central Vigillantee Services) to intimidate the youth chairman of Umuezechua village, by the name, Mr TKC Onunze, because Mr TKC Onunze and the youths had once prevented Mr Patrick Udogwu from rescuing Master Chukwuebuka Nwosu (aka Abole), when the youths wanted to hand Mr Chukwuebuka Nwosu to the police over his numerous atrocities, since then Mr Patrick Udogwu has grudges over the youths of Umuezechua Village, which he has used his office as the Chairman of Vigilantee service to intimidate and harass Ezechua youths in several occasions.


Around 11am on 9th June, Mr Patrick Udogwu traced Mr TKC Onunze (chairman of the youths) to his farm, with two armed vigillantee operatives. He threatened, the Chairman of the youths, not to go on with the case of Master Nonso Chigelu, that if the youths goes against his order, he will arrest any Ezechua youths on sight including the chairman of the youths, by leveling numerous accusations on them.


But, due to the fighting spirit in the heart of the Chairman, he didn’t scummb to the threat, rather he called the youths for a meeting on June13th, 2018 to hear their opinions. On the process of the meeting, the Chairman received a call from a police officer, from Ukpo Divisional Police station, by the name, Inspector Apology James, who commended the youths, but mandated the Chairman, not to go on with the invitation of Master Nonso Chigelu. But the youths are not relenting at the threat, because it is on record on how the youths of Umuezechua have sanitized their village against cult and criminal activities. In the conversation between the police inspector and the Chairman of the youths, the police inspector said that, the said Master Nonso Chigelu’s name is in the list of Cultists/Wanted people at the police station.


From information at hand, it was gathered from a vigillantee operative (name withheld), that Mr Patrick Udogwu has perfected plans to start arresting, harassing and intimidating any Umuezechua youths on sight, as he threatened early.


The youths of Umuezechua village are saying that, their lives and the life of their youths chairman are in the hands of Mr Patrick Udogwu, that if anything happens to any of them, that Mr Patrick Udogwu should be hold responsible.


Therefore, the youths of Umuezechua village are calling for immediate sacking and convicting of Mr Patrick Udogwu as the Chairman of Umudioka Vigillantee, because it is crystal clear that he is the one aiding all the cultists in Umudioka and environs.


Umuezechua Youths Association are calling on the governor, the honourable member representing Dunukofia constituency, the commissioner of youths affairs, the police commissioner, the director State Security Service, the Transition Chairman Dunukofia LGA, the Nze Obama of Umudioka, the Traditional Prime Minister (Onowu) of Umudioka, the President General and Executives etc to issue a serious sanctions on Mr Patrick Udogwu.



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