This youths organization says Imo State needs a technocrat as Governor comes 2019 to rebuild the destroyed Imo.


He must be a youth of not more than 50 years of age, must have a proven record of professional competence of more than 20 years, he must be accessible and must focus on the development of youths and the state in general, he must have had verifiable record of helping the poor (payment of hospital bills, WAEC, JAMB, School Fees etc), respect and care for pensioners and disables, he must possess will-power and requisite knowledge of Imo State developmental plan, and must have worked out modalities for State development and youths’ employment/empowerment.

*The following aspirants should withdraw with immediate effect because they are grossly incompetent and will never have the support of Imo youths and the entire Imolites.*

*Senator Ifeanyi G. Ararume;* an old two time senator of Okigwe zone with nothing to show for it. Why is Ararume desparate to be the governor of Imo State when nature has continued to stop him? The same desparation Buhari was, and today Nigeria is nearing its brink. Ndi Imo do not forget that Senator Ararume was the person who collected N3 billion from Rochas (according to Rochas) in 2015 to return the governor. Rochas made Ararume’s son commissioner as they agreed. Ararume threw Imo into darkness in 2015 and now he wants to come and send Imo into abyss. The youths will not let that happen.

*Chief Emeka Ihedioha* was at the National Assembly for 12 good years without any positive impact on his people, how many youths did he empower, what was his constituency project, how many youths did he employ. In 2015, he bought Keke at N300,000 and sold to his people at N1,000,000 on hire-purchase basis. The rejected Keke are still parked in his house now. He will be another political mistake in Imo if Elected.

*Mr. Uche Nwosu (or boy Uche Nwosu)* a boy who has little or no experience. The only experience he can boast of is how to divert Paris Club Money, Embazle First and Second Bail Out Fund, Owe Pensioners and wish them dead, slash workers salaries, owe workers for several months, sack employed Imo youths, bribe State House of Assembly Members with pension fund to adopt him as 2019 APC candidate etc. Can this boy govern Imo State? It is not possible.

*Frank Nneji (ABC Transport),* he is above 50 years. Having used his business money to play betnaija and lost, he is now looking for Imo’s money to boast his business. Imo Transport Company (ITC) will be replaced with ABC Transport. He may use our resources in Imo to play loto. He will never be our governor.

*Chief Okey Eze* is a professional politician who boast of his ill-gotten wealth, he spends millions buying vehicles for APGA LG chairmen on the condition that they must give him APGA ticket, lest he collects back his cars, while his relations die in abject poverty, some drop out of school because of school fees, WAEC, JAMB fees etc. Someone who cannot take care of his relations, cannot take care of the State. He is not fit for public office.

*Barr. Humphrey Anumudu* is an inconsistent man. This Barrister-turned-politician belongs to the class of “political prostitutes” (game spoilers). He collects money from other aspirants, abandoning his followers, he runs to enjoy his loot in London. Imolites don’t trust you and will never trust you.

*Ike C. Ibe? Project Iyk?* Another political wolf in sheep covering. The evil he does with his foundstion is better imagined. He will be a political mistake if elected governor in 2019 and beyond.

*Barr. Chima Anozie (Home Base)*, is Rochas small boy or small wife. He conived with Rochas to sell Orji Mechanic Village to Rochas at N500,000,000. He sold old IBC orji to Rochas (now Rochas Foundation School). He has been ostracised by his Umunna as Efulefu and Okaliogoli (useless and half embecile). He can’t be useless to his people and useful to Imolites.

*Hon. Uche Onyeagocha* is another political prostitute who come to collect money from other aspirants and steps down, even when the coast is clear for him to emerge the governor. He is unreliable, cunny and unfit for leadership positions.

*Senator Bright Nwanne,* can you show us your constituency projects? You diverted the money meant for youths’ and constituency development to your pocket. Now you want to use it to vie for governorship position, we are w

*Barr. Charles Onyeagbako, Barr. Steve Nwoga and Barr. Philip Ibekwe* left the advocacy of the poor and jump into politics because of their excessive quest for money. Those who abandoned us to die do not deserve our votes.

*Dr. Captain David Mbamala, Mr. Daniel Kanu, Dr. Obi Njoku, Chief Nick Oparandudu, Ziggy Azike, Chief Oshieze Ehirim, Chief Chris Njoku, Mazi Chidi Okoro, Anyanwu Sam-Daddy, Senator Frank Nnaji (Agu Otu aka)* and the likes are men of questionable characters whose antecedents are regrettable. To them politics is the shortest cut to affluence. They will rip Imo apart if given any leadership position(s) in Imo. They don’t deserve our votes.

It is clear that the above mentioned individuals are aspiring for governorship position in Imo just to milk Imo dried, enrich their pockets. *WE REJECT THEM AS OUR LEADERS NOW AND ALL TIMES.*

Having a technocrat as a governor, especially a green horn, brings about sustainable growth and developmment in the state. Eg. Anambra State under Dr. Chris Ngige, Mr. Peter Obi and Mr. Willie Obiano witnessed sustained rapid development and emancipation from Barrister-turned-politicians and political Vampires. Ebonyi State under David Umahi and Akwa Ibom State under Emmanuel Gabriel Udom are witnessing rapid growth and development because they have technocrats as governors.

Arise Ndi Imo, Let us break free from the grip of greedy and wicked Politician.

Any time you hear the names of these men or see them anywhere, check your wallet if your PVC is still there, because we will vote them out come 2019.

*Continue to circulate untill it gets to all Imolites.*

Dr. Victoria Ginikanwa
Hon. Jude Udemba
Comr. Vitalis G. Nwankwo.
Comr. Kanayo J. Ikejiaku.


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