Recently, some stakeholders of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP held a closed door in Okpo, Ekwulobia were they discussed issues bordering about how to reposition the party and return it to its former glory. Hon Tony Offiah, a formidable political juggernaut was part of that meeting and in this exclusive interview with Old Aguata News Vanguard, he discusses the outcome of the meeting and other salient socio-political issues.



Sir, PDP recently came together for a harmonisation meeting, what was the outcome of the meeting? Has the PDP family become one?  


I am so elated over the outcome of the meeting we held at Okpo Hall, Ekwulobia. For the first time, we have looked at our problem as a family in Aguata , we have x – rayed it, we have spoken truth, we have told ourselves, where we erred, but in the final analysis, I am so happy to tell you that in PDP Aguata, we have resolved our issues. We have accepted that we have to carry everybody along. Political parties and their activities is about people and we are going to work together, under one indivisible umbrella to move PDP forward, and you are going to see great things from here onwards. There are lessons learned and from that lesson, we are going to take appropriate action, to reposition PDP to have its pride of place.


 Sir, you are a former federal house of Representatives aspirant and one of the PDP stakeholders in Anambra state, what is your future political ambition?


It is always left for the people to decide what happens. We have contested and aspired, and this election cycle is not going to be different. We are praying about it, we are listening and we are consulting our stakeholders. At the right time, if we have any announcement to make, I will make them.


Sir, very soon the ministry of budget and economic planning will be calling on the communities, to articulate their priority needs, for onwards inclusion in the 2019 budget process. How do you intend to mobilize and sensitize the masses, to that effect?     


Thank you very much. You need to understand that the budget process is the function of the legislators, to the extent the people should liaise with people they have elected to promulgate and make laws for them. As it concerns Anambra state, that will be Anambra state House of Assembly. When you are talking about it, you are referring to the various Representatives of Aguata 1 and 11. For constituency 1, it is Ikem Uzoezie, and for Aguata 11 , Hon Iyke Umenwa. I am going to encourage the people to liaise with these two representives , so that they harness and channel the people’s views to the state assembly.

 Finally Sir, there is currently a supreme Court judgment, that gave the female child, the right to inheritance.Sir in Igbo culture, the girl child is marginalized. How do you intend to sensitize our people, on the need to implement this judgement?                    

My brother let me say this one in Igbo ‘ nwanyi bu ihe’. Any society that neglects their womenfolk is not designed to attain greater heights. So my thoughts, my belief and the way I live my life, is that I include women and encourage greater women participation in every facet of life and in the community.

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