Obiano Empowers Okada Operators With ₦765m, Makes Them Bus Owners

FB_IMG_1529586868281.jpgGovernor Willie Obiano of Anambra State has set aside ₦765,000,000 for commercial motorcyclists in the state to enable them to purchase shuttle buses following the government’s decision to restrict them from operating in Awka, the state capital, and Onitsha, the Southeast commercial hub, from July 1.

The funds will be accessed through the Anambra State Small Business Agency (ASBA).

Existing commercial motorcyclists, popularly known as Okada operators, will take delivery of the buses once they deposit ₦100,000 with ASBA, undertaking to make payments every two weeks, according to the Anambra State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr C. Don Adinuba, who disclosed that the interest-free loan can be repaid within a year and a half.

The shuttle buses will cost between ₦700,000 and ₦800,000 each.

The first set of 200 units of the 1000 buses in the scheme will arrive in the state anytime from now from Japan.

Mr Adinuba, in a statement, said that the Obano administration decided to phase out Okada operations in Awka and Onitsha so as to economically empower the operators and quicken the process of turning the state into a modern place like Dubai.

“A situation where some members of the public have been made to believe that they cannot rise beyond the level of Okada riders is unfair and offends good conscience”, the commissioner noted.

“Governor Obiano wants commercial motorcyclists to get to the next level by becoming bus owners.

“Bus ownership will generate far more revenues for the present Okada riders because whereas a motorcyclist is not allowed to have more than one passenger at a time, a shuttle bus can carry as many as seven passengers”.

Adinuba said that another reason for the decision to phase out Okada operations in the stae’s two leading cities is the plan to make Anambra State the “Dubai of Africa within the next few decades, a status which no place can attain by making Okada dominate the entire landscape”.

He also stated that the high rate of serious road accidents involving Okada riders and their passengers is another reason for the restriction.

He declared: “Up to 70% of accident cases in orthopaedic and other hospitals in Anambra State and beyond involve commercial motorcycle crashes, and it is not right for any government which cares for the welfare and future of its citizens not to do anything about this phenomenon considering that the safety of every individual is the primary constitutional responsibility of the state”.

What is more, he continued, “many robberies and other violent crimes throughout Nigeria have been traced to people using commercial motorcycles. We do not want anything which can compromise our hard earned reputation as Nigeria’s safest state”.

The Information Commissioner disclosed that Anamba did not follow other Southeastern states to restrict Okada operations when they did because Obiano was developing a scheme to “provide the people of the state with superior services and make the Okada operators more productive agents of our economy.

“The delay is worth it because Governor Obiano did not want the Okada operators to be out of employment. What is more, we are today proud of our record as perhaps the only government in Nigeria’s history to provide Okada riders with buses”.

Meanwhile, the Anambra State empowerment programme for commercial motorcyclists has been generating reactions.

The chairman of the Okada Riders Association in the state, Jude Udegbe, described it “as another evidence of Obiano’s humane nature” while the chairman of the state branch of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Jerry Nnubia, called it a welcome development “which has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of Okada operators and reduce the crime rate in our state”.

The chairman of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in the state, Comrade Ifeanyi Okechukwu, said it shows that “the governor’s second tenure will witness a radical improvement in all sectors”.

Cattle Ranch: PDP Calls For Caution

FB_IMG_1529597253020Press Statement

Cattle Ranch: PDP Calls For Caution

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) charges the Federal Government to exercise caution over its plan to establish cattle ranches in some parts of the country and hold enough consultations, so as not to escalate the same problems it claims to be addressing.

The party notes that the situation has already generated discordant tunes and acrimony among major stakeholders, groups and states across the country, particularly relating to issues of funding and land ownership.

The PDP is particularly worried by the lack of adequate consultations by the Federal Government resulting in the disagreements that have trailed the plan, especially along ethnic divides.

The party calls on the Federal Government to get its acts together and follow all due processes, as stipulated by the laws and 1999 constitution (as amended) regarding this issue, in order to eliminate the current disagreements being generated.

The PDP holds that the nation has witnessed enough disagreements, violence and bloodletting, as such all measures must be put in place to avert fresh crisis.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary



Gloria’s mother Mrs Josephine NGOFORO who resides in Ilorin Kwara state and her younger sister Ogoochukwu Arinze called me yesterday..

SAMUEL MGBEODINMA,met her daughter In the month of August 2017,proposed to her in January 2018 and married her February 2018….

That was how Gloria moved in with Samuel at 72b Okeamu Street,Off Governor Road, ikotun Lagos.There have been series of complains from my daughter regarding her sisters in law Onyinye and peace.( Who are married)….who frequents her house to make trouble with her….

Few days before… the ugly incident Gloria called me and told me,that her father in-law… slapped her …. when I heard this ( I planned to come down to Lagos and see things for myself,but couldn’t immediately,because I was tied up some where)

On Saturday 16th of June 2018…. Gloria called me from this her number…(08060465493)… sounding very frightened,when asked what’s the problem was again?she told me her husband and sisters in law( Samuel… Onyinye and peace)were fighting her…

In confusion, I told her to run into the toilet and lock the door…… I tried several times to reach my daughter Gloria again,..but her number was switched off…. Even her husband’s phone number too was switched off

I couldn’t reach my daughter or the husband from that Saturday afternoon till Sunday morning,when Samuel MGBEODINMA called me and told me.he was with Gloria in the house,when she “”slipped”” and fell and died,Gloria is not epileptic

Gloria my daughter was 12 weeks pregnant….. when she was murdered…
Samuel MGBEODINMA give me back my daughter, her mother cried

Culled from MEG Barn Facebook page

Lai Mohammed, minister of information and culture, says the 2019 elections will probably be the least expensive elections for the All Progressives Congress (APC).


Lai said that his party has performed and would go on to win the elections without having to spend so much.

Speaking to the TheCable on how the APC intends to fund the 2019 national elections, and control how much other parties in the country spend on elections, the minister said it is the responsibility of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to monitor campaign expenditurespending.

“INEC is the statutory body saddled with the responsibility of monitoring campaign expenditure, but one thing I can assure you is that for us, 2019 election will probably be the least expensive for us, because we have performed, we have delivered,” he said.

“Just talking to you now, we feed 8.2 million pupils everyday, one free meal a day, they have parents. I just told you what we’ve done in infrastructure.

“I was about to tell you what we have achieved in tackling insecurity. When we came in in 2015, 20 out of 27 local governments in Borno state alone were under the influence of Boko Haram, today not a single local government in the entire northeast.”

Elections in Nigeria are reckoned to be one of the most expensive in the world by both national and international researchers and commentators.

A research published in the Journal for African Elections revealed that the 2011 elections cost over N566 billion, more than two percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

Daily Trust estimates that elections expenditure in Nigeria has grown from a little over N1 billion in 1999 to over N100 billion in 2015, surpassing the cost of election in India, the world’s largest democracy.

Bolade Eyinla, chief technical adviser to the INEC chairman, had said the 2015 elections had a core cost of $547 million and a total cost of about $1.5 billion to $2 billion.

culled from TheCable

Nnewi Shopping Mall: The Controversies and Conspiracies.

Nnewi Shopping Mall:
The Controversies and Conspiracies.FB_IMG_1529576416718.jpgFB_IMG_1529576413518.jpgFB_IMG_1529576409553.jpgFB_IMG_1529576416718.jpg

Since the commencement of the construction of Nnewi Shopping Mall during the administration of Former Governor of Anambra State His Excellency Mr. Peter Obi, the project has been riddled with many controversies both from the angle of the Government and the host community Nnewi.

The Shopping Mall is situated at the heart of the town which is Nkwo Nnewi triangle.
Nkwo Nnewi triangle is a communal land of Nnewi, it is owned by all the four quarters in Nnewi which include Otolo, Uruagu, Umudim and Nnewichi and remains the meeting point for the people of Nnewi.

Despite being a communal land of Nnewi, various attempts has been made by unpatriotic Nnewi indigenes to either hoodwink the town into selling the land or conniving with the government officials to forcefully take the land.
However in 2013, The then Governor of Anambra state, His Excellency Mr. Peter Obi allegedly conspired with some businessmen who are mostly from Nnewi to take over the land for a shopping mall project without due Process.

The project was awarded to an unnamed Chinese firm at the cost of #3 Billion Naira.
During the ground breaking ceremony in 2013, Governor Peter Obi announced that the Government has paid #600 Million Naira mobilization fee to the contractor which represent the 20% of the contract Sum.

However, before construction fully started, some group of patriotic Nnewi indigenes led by Senator Onyeabo Obi kicked against the project and the manner the land was taken from the town.
They took the government to court and an injunction was given which ordered the government to stop the project. Despite the court injunction, the government continued with the construction of the project.
The state government failed to follow the Procedure as stipulated in the land use act, while it is the right of the government to take over any land in any part of the state for projects, the law stipulates that it will be in the overriding public interest. A commercial venture doesn’t meet that requirement.

As the legal battle continued, in 2017, the present Governor of Anambra state His Excellency Dr. Willie Obiano wrote a letter addressed to His Royal Highness Igwe Kenneth Orizu (111) Igwe Nnewi announcing that the uncompleted shopping mall project have been handed to Nnewi with the following conditions:

1. That Nnewi will refund all the money spent by the government so far on the project.
2. That Nnewi will complete the project with the time envisaged in the original plan.
3. That Nnewi after completion of the project will let the shopping mall to those who it was contracted to.

This sparked jubilation among some indigenes of the town but some patriotic Nnewi indigenes rejected the Governors proposal with the following points:

1. That the state government must cancel the gazette which took the land away from Nnewi.
2: That the state government must hand over the land to Nnewi unconditionally.
3. That the state government must pay #500 million Naira as damages to the town.

However, it is important to note that if the Governor was sincere, the letter should not have been addressed to Igwe Nnewi but to the President General of Nzuko-Ora Nnewi as a law in Anambra state have stripped the rights of Igwe’s in taking decision concerning issues of governance in their Communities especially as it concerns projects.

The truth remains that it is against all known government standard practice and ethics for uncompleted project to be handed over a community. Nnewi as a town never solicited for the government to construct a shopping mall in the town, hence handing over the project to the town remains a trap to destroy the town.

Earlier this year, in what may appear to be a surprise to many, the Government of Anambra state through its agency Anambra state investment and protection agency (ANSIPPA) placed a newspaper advert announcing the privatisation of Nnewi shopping mall and called for bidders. Though nothing have been heard since the advertorial was placed.
This act once again shows insincerity on the part of the state government.

It appears that the Nnewi community will continue to wait till God knows when before the controversy ends.

It is very unfortunate that some rich men in the town have continued to conspire with the state government to frustrate efforts being made by the town to recover Nkwo Nnewi Triangle.

Nkwo Nnewi Triangle because of its position to Nnewi should have been used for projects like Conference Center or rather relaxation park with garden and stadium which will be more befitting than building a shopping mall.
An American firm last few years wanted to buy the land to build a library, shops and five star hotel but the leadership of the town rejected the idea.

As it stands, the fact remains that allowing a shopping mall to be built in Nnewi will close down many shops in Nkwo Nnewi and will also destroy the local economy in the town.

The government should rather remodel Nkwo Nnewi market and make it more friendly for buyers and sellers by providing convenient parking places, good toilet facilities as seen in modern shopping malls.

Culled from Ebubechukwuzuloke Brown Facebook page,
Nnewi, Anambra State.