Breaking news About 30 cars burnt at Otedola Bridge axis Berger!

Petrol tanker said to have gone up in flames on the bridge, leading to the inferno and also Hundreds of commuters burnt to death in a ghastly accident that involved about 30 vehicles on Otedola Bridge, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway this evening. Uncountable  casualties recorded

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*”we youths are the future of Today and Leaders of Today——_——- Hon Ezenwafor Afam, Anambra state house of assembly aspirant, Aguata 11 constituency 2019*

It was a glorious day ON SUNDAY 24/06 /2018, as the Catholic Youth organization of Nigeria, CYON, EKWULOBIA DEANERY, Awka Diocese, Anambra state marked their 2ND DEANERY Day Celebration/Lunching of Her maiden Cum #2M, fund raising for installation of computer Facilities.


In this elaborated event, *Hon Ezenwafor Afam* presided over the occasion as the Chairman of the magnificent event.

From the moment he took the microphone to address the audience, one remarkable thing was noticed of him; which was his ability to pull important personalities and spectators which made the occasion more fruitful than expected.

*Hon. Afam Ezenwafor spoke thus:*

It gives me great pleasure to be called upon to share this occasion. I wish especially to commend the Catholic Diocese of Awka, the DEANERY Chaplain, Rev Fr Nelson Okoye, the President CYON, Ekwuluobia deanery, Mr. Ajaogu Benjamin Chukwuma and his Executives for selecting this illuminating and powerful project (Fund raising for installation of Computer facilities) on this 2nd DEANERY day Celebration.

I am a youth like you all, my making will not be complete without mentioning my input repositioning Ekwuluobia and Aguata youth. I was the former Ekwuluobia student union Government and also one of the founding members of this great Federation of Aguata students Union, IMT Chapter. I was enthusiastic and passionate about building a strong *Aguata Student’s Union*, which I achieved

I fought injustice with all my strength and soul and body; and In order to provide peace and orderliness among the students and the good people of Aguata LGA, Anambra state, I denied myself the rest and leisure that my peers enjoyed.

During my leadership, I lead a group of Aguata students union Activists to counter and resist the impeachment of Late Engr Godwin Oselu Former Aguata LGA Chairman, when he was battling former Governor of Anambra State, Mbadinuju.
I believe in grass-root politics, which is where you can find youths that are very sincere, so I am one of you”

*Fund raising for installation of Computer facilities*

Putting up computer centers in Ekwuluobia deanery is something that that will be good for our youths, and it will reduce unemployment, as a certified computer scientist, one will not complain of job because you will be self employed, remember we live in a digital age. A larger percentage of human activities in this present age revolve around the internet and the ICT. As should be expected, this phenomenon created an easy avenue for dissemination of information within and across borders.

I thank almighty God that the personnel that graced this Occasion most especially the Chief Launcher Pham. OLIVER EZEOBI , Hon. IKEM UZOEZIE, member representing Aguata 11 constituency in Anambra state house of assembly, Hon EUCHARIA AZODO, HON member representing Aguata constituency in Federal house of assembly, CHUKWUMA UMEOJI, Mr. Ebere Nnofu the chairman of Ekwulobia market, Mr. Reuben Okeke etc will assist in raising this fund, when I see all these philanthropists around me, I know that CYON prayers will be answered today. But I will not like in a situation, were this computer (ITC) center will be for the purpose for betting games center (Betnaija, Nairabet or surebet)

So I urges every youth in this deanery to make use of this period to equip him or herself with ICT, because knowledge is power and we are in digital era.
I am still your brother and friend,* Hon. Afam Ezenwafor.*

During the Lunching, Hon Ezenwafor Afam supported the youths with Thousands of Naira and promise to do more, going forward. All those names mentioned above also did the same.

In fact CYON of Ekwuluobia deanery will forever be grateful for making Hon Ezenwafor Afam as the Chairman of the Occasion.

Behold, Hon Ezenwafor Afam will win the Anambra state house of assembly, 2019 because the odds are favoring him. Now the CYON Ekwuluobia Deanery, which comprises Aguata ii constituency has pledged their support for him, Aguata Youth are with him, the Elders are not excluded., I urges everyone in Aguata ii constituency to queue into his liberation movement.

Hon Ezenwafor Afam is the Spartacus of our time.

Let’s support a man that believes in Justice and fairness.

Let’s support Hon Ezenwafor Afam for Anambra State House of Assembly, Aguata ii constituency 2019.


Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson©Uyo, Nigeria