Apga Dunukofia protested at Anambra state Assembly complex, Gov house and state party office against inhuman treatment being mated out to the party officials. 

Earlier today Apga Dunukofia protested

at Anambra state AssemblyComplex, Government house Awka against the inhuman treatment meted out to the party official.

As long as greedy is strong than compassion, there will always be suffering and Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed,the Transition Chairman of Dunukofia LGA is greedy to the extent he can’t hear the cries of the members of his political party (Apga)

Who is the bone of the contention in this matter?

His Name is Hon Uche Umerie ,From Ukwulu, Dunukofia LGA, Anambra state also the current Transition Chairman of Dunukofia LGA.Before his appointment as the Transition Chairman, he was a former member Anambra state house of assembly, Dunukofia constituency under the platform of PDP, which the good people of Dunukofia Constituency labeled his tenure ‘DOOMED’ and also a renowned Cultist and a political Thug, he’s among those that tried to kidnapped our former Gov Chris Nwabueze Ngige then, among those that burned Anambra state properties.

Hon Uche Umerie was rejected the good people of Apga Dunukofia because of character and previous behavior mentioned, they also lamented that he’s nothing to offer to our LGA but being an errand boy and adopted political son to former SA to the Governor on political matter then Hon *CHINEDU OBIDIGWE* from Agulueri. HON CHINEDU Agulueri gave us a Greek gift as Transition Chairman.
This is exactly 16th months (one year and four months) , he assumed this particular position, ever since then he’s been messing the system of Apga in Dunukofia LGA, if not the intervention of party executives under the the leadership Hon Vincent Ezennia (SAPA) and almighty God, Our party APGA would lost in our LGA during last year Gubernatorial Election because he worked against our party.

According to rightful source, who narrated who lead to the peaceful protest today. He said Hon Uche Umerie is neglecting the party faithfuls and labeled us a mugu, to the extent that he said that he don’t belong APGA but PDP.
💧he has not called for Apga meeting nor met the party officials in Dunukofia LGA and also his conduct is unbearable to our party.



When http://www.morningstarnaija.com news reporters contacted the Able Chairman of APGA DUNUKOFIA LGA  Mr Vincent Ezennia about the bad incident that occurred IMG-20180628-WA0161IMG-20180628-WA0156IMG-20180628-WA0154IMG-20180628-WA0139IMG-20180628-WA0109IMG-20180628-WA0082IMG-20180628-WA0076IMG-20180628-WA0070

at Anambra state Assembly complex, Gov house, Awka, he also to me the same stories stated above but the most ugly thing was Hon Uche Umerie invited some his fellow cult members headed by one notorious Sunday Okongwu (Nigga) from Ukpo and disrupted the peaceful demonstration, to the extent that *NIGGA* injured the deputy chairman of the Party, Mr. Emma Otika with Sharp object(Weapon)

According to the recorded videos. Hon Lawrence Ezeudu who supposed to protect party interest was seen protecting the life of Notorious Sunday Okongwu and Uche Umerie.

Apga Dunukofia are the Calling the Governor, the state Chairman of Apga and Executives , The National Chairman of our great party APGA and Executives to terminate the Appointment of Hon Uche Umerie as the Transition Chairman of Dunukofia LGA with immediate effect so that normalcy will return to Apga Dunukofia and Local Govt

Say Capital NO to Cultists in Dunukofia LGA

Culled by http://www.morningstarnaija.com news reporters.


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