APC rejects ban on Okada in Anambra state and urge resistance

FB_IMG_1530396447408APC rejects the forceful de- employment of thousands of Anambra Youth in favour of non- Anambra citizens who will take advantage of the lacuna.

It is sad enough that since theoretical time restriction on movement of commercial motorcycles after 7pm ,the beneficiaries have mostly been men of the police and other agencies who ply the trade after 7pm under official cover at thevexpense of the real citizenry struggling to eke out a living.

If his government which banned this same transportation mode in 2016 without an emabling law and unbanned themto be used in elections buses ought to been issued out to specific operators ahead of pulling out services of commercial motorcycles.

We have learnt to regard ASBA as a dustbin of government mischief, since illegal taxes in excess of N3.6bn were snatched from local governments and dumped in the agency as a conduit to prosecute elections.

All the rhetorics with which governor Obiano , who continues to resist appropriate governance of LGs democratically consigned that money to the morribund agency have since then not come to light.

Even then buses cannot ply all routes. Policemen and other security agencies will again beat this crass cruelty on the Anambra Informal sector, and the Government has not offered any new argument since 2016 misadventure in the same direction.

There is no argument that can justify the expansion of this illegal ban to private motorcycle owners because everyone cannot own cars at the same time. It is unconstitutional to the extent of infridging right of movement and freedom to own moveable and immovable property.

It is needless to remind us that Anambra State has a stake in the upstream segment of the mororcycle market with thriving industries, which market is being decreed out ofexistence by a pollicy begging to be thought through.

The commissioner for information in the state is hereby challenged to a live television and radio simultaneous debate on this ill-advised policy.

APC assures the down-trodden people of Anambra State they we shall not abadon them to those who exploit their limited knowledge of their rights to kill their subsistence and build big businesses beneficial to persons in government.


Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary

Ogidi. June 29,2018

An Imam in Plateau reportedly hid over 200 people, including Christians, inside a mosque during last weekend’s attack in the state.

3Uq4d7LtAccording to BBC Pidgin, the religious leader, whose identity was not disclosed, saw people fleeing Birkin Ladi Local Government Area where part of the killings took place.

He was said to have rendered them assistance by offering a mosque in Nghar Yelwa, his village, as a place of refuge.

The imam was said to have hid the women in his house before taking the men to the mosque.

“I first took the women to my personal house to hide them there,  then, I took the men to the mosque to hide, ” the imam reportedly said. After hiding them,  some armed men reportedly approached the imam, asking him to identify the Christians among the people. He was said to have lied that they were all Muslims. According to the report, he laid on the floor, begging the armed men to leave. One of the survivors of the attack lamented the death of his son. Another man expressed sadness over how more than 60 victims were buried in a mass grave. Look at how they are buried. Where do we run to?  We were born here and we grew up here but they want us to leave. To where?” he cried.

Over 200 people were killed in the attack.

Meanwhile, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) has alleged the killings were  “orchestrated with political and religious mindsets,” just as it condemned the killing of scores of citizens in three local government areas of Plateau State between Saturday and Sunday.

The Sultan of Sokoto is president general of the JNI and the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, an umbrella body of all Nigerian Muslims.

The Secretary General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar-Aliyu, in a statement on behalf of the Sultan, described the incident as “sad,” after three years of unbroken peaceful co-existence in Plateau.

“We also advise that serious security measures should be taken on all the identified villages that have been notorious in causing distress to motorists, particularly in Kaduna and Plateau states


News Update :Cash transfers to 302,000 poor homes begin in July, from $322m Abacha loot

The Federal Government says it will commence disbursement of the recovered 322 million dollars Abacha loot through Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) to 302,000 poor households in 19 states in July. Mr Tukur Rumar, of the National Cash Transfer Office (NTCO), said this at a roundtable on assets recovery organised by the Swiss Embassy on Thursday, in Abuja. The event was organised to intimate citizens and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on the efforts both nations were making on asset recovery after the Post-Global Forum on Assets Recovery (GFAR) held in Washington D.C. in Dec. 2017. At the forum, Nigeria made commendable commitments on beneficial ownership, tax transparency, asset recovery, transparency management of recovered funds and payments to victims of corruption. The states are: Niger, Kogi, Ekiti, Osun, Oyo, Kwara, Cross River, Bauchi, Gombe, Jigawa, Benue, Taraba, Adamawa, Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Plateau, Nasarrawa, Anambra and Internally Displaced Camps (IDPs) in Borno. According to Rumar, the benefiting households will receive N5,000 monthly and are derived from the National Social Register (NSR) that the 19 states are already on. He said the programme was designed to also train beneficiaries on livelihood skills, social skills and other programmes that would change their lives completely. Rumar, however, said that NCTO had been making payments to the 46,000 poor and vulnerable households across the 19 states since Dec. 2016, adding that the number had increased to 290,000. Mr Iorwa Apera, the National Coordinator, National Social Safety Net Coordinating Office (NASSCO), said 503,055 households were already on the NSR register from the 19 states, adding that by July, there would be a social register for all the states of the federation. He said that of the Abacha loot, about 302,000 poor homes across the 19 states would be mined by the NCTO to begin to receive the Abacha loot. Apera told the participants that the Federal Government would begin with those states, because they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NASSCO to put in place certain infrastructure to empower the national register. “Some of the states delayed, but the other ones were quick enough to set up infrastructure that allowed us to start work there, but all the states are now on board as they have set up their state operating offices and donated office equipment to us. “As states come on board, we enroll and so they extend to the beneficiary register, and presently we are generating data in all the states now,’’ he said. Mrs Linda Ekeator of the office of the Special Adviser to the President on Social Investment said the Abacha loot was invested in the social investment programme, because it was a programme that was already supported by the World Bank. She said that before the money was returned to Nigeria, there was an agreement with the Swiss government that it should be used for alleviating poverty and this was to be done with the supervision of the World Bank. The Swiss Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Eric Mayoraz said the 722 million dollars of the Abacha family money that was hidden in Switzerland was fully repatriated in 2005.


SanniAbachaHe also said that the 322 million dollars that was repatriated in Dec. 2017, was money that was frozen by the Swiss Attorney-General, but was not domiciled in Switzerland, but in other countries, mainly Luxembourg.


He, however, said measures had been put in place to ensure that Swiss banks were not used to hide stolen funds from other countries. “For possible new cases, the Swiss legislation has fundamentally changed. “The law in Switzerland does not allow bank secrecy anymore, and all banks and financial institutions have a due diligence duty to ask everyone coming with money where it is coming from. “That does not mean that there are no illegal or stolen assets now in Switzerland, but then there is another instrument I signed myself with the Nigerian Ministry of Justice and Switzerland two years ago on mutual legal assistance and this is for new cases. “Now, this agreement with our own Ministry of Justice and Nigeria is that there will be direct communication and exchange on mutual legal request and we are really collaborating with EFCC and other agencies in Nigeria,’’ Mayoraz.



The Executive Director, ANEEJ, Rev. David Ugolor, said for Nigerian citizens to not keep spreading rumours about the whereabouts of recovered loots, the government must be transparent in all the processes. He also said that CSOs should be given access to the social register to enable it monitor properly whether or not the beneficiaries received what was due to them. (NAN)

Anglican Bishop Angela arrested for defiling minor(RAPE)

A former bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Johannes Angela, has been arrested for defiling a 15 year-old standard eight pupil. The 66 year-old Angela is being held at Lwala Kotiende Police Station after he was arrested at his rural home in Bondo, the CitizenTv online reported.




The man committed the act between the night of 27and 28 June, 2018, according to police report, while the girl was staying in his house at Majiwa village, North Sakwa location.


The Chief of North Sakwa location Mr Hobson Omolo said the clergy was arrested after the minor reported the incident at a local children’s home. Angela is expected to be charged in court on Monday.


He retired last year after serving at Bondo Diocese for 17 years, the Citizen TV reported.



“By all definitions and descriptions, the Nigeria’s so called herdsmen are terrorists and if President Buhari doesn’t believe so, then it would be difficult for anyone to reasonably absolve him (Buhari) from complicity”

“I cover wars and crisis as a journalist, I think I know, and the world also knows how terrorists operate”

“The fact that herdsmen’s attacking pattern is focused primarily on wiping off farmers should rob Buhari who has achieved only little in his economic agenda that’s expected to be powered mainly by farmers . The impact of these well defined attacks on Nigeria’s economy are expected to be grave, maybe on the long run greater than that of Boko Haram which has been largely localized to the North East”

– Christiane Amanpour – CNNFB_IMG_1530355030274