APC rejects ban on Okada in Anambra state and urge resistance

FB_IMG_1530396447408APC rejects the forceful de- employment of thousands of Anambra Youth in favour of non- Anambra citizens who will take advantage of the lacuna.

It is sad enough that since theoretical time restriction on movement of commercial motorcycles after 7pm ,the beneficiaries have mostly been men of the police and other agencies who ply the trade after 7pm under official cover at thevexpense of the real citizenry struggling to eke out a living.

If his government which banned this same transportation mode in 2016 without an emabling law and unbanned themto be used in elections buses ought to been issued out to specific operators ahead of pulling out services of commercial motorcycles.

We have learnt to regard ASBA as a dustbin of government mischief, since illegal taxes in excess of N3.6bn were snatched from local governments and dumped in the agency as a conduit to prosecute elections.

All the rhetorics with which governor Obiano , who continues to resist appropriate governance of LGs democratically consigned that money to the morribund agency have since then not come to light.

Even then buses cannot ply all routes. Policemen and other security agencies will again beat this crass cruelty on the Anambra Informal sector, and the Government has not offered any new argument since 2016 misadventure in the same direction.

There is no argument that can justify the expansion of this illegal ban to private motorcycle owners because everyone cannot own cars at the same time. It is unconstitutional to the extent of infridging right of movement and freedom to own moveable and immovable property.

It is needless to remind us that Anambra State has a stake in the upstream segment of the mororcycle market with thriving industries, which market is being decreed out ofexistence by a pollicy begging to be thought through.

The commissioner for information in the state is hereby challenged to a live television and radio simultaneous debate on this ill-advised policy.

APC assures the down-trodden people of Anambra State they we shall not abadon them to those who exploit their limited knowledge of their rights to kill their subsistence and build big businesses beneficial to persons in government.


Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary

Ogidi. June 29,2018


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