The daughter of former Deputy Governorof Ondo found dead in boyfriend’s house.

Late Khadijat Oluboyo Miss Adenike Khadijat Oluboyo, daughter of the immediate past Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Alhaji Lasisi Olugbenga Oluboyo, was on Sunday found dead at her boyfriend’s house in Akure.

Oluboyo, who was a final year student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, was found dead in her boyfriend’s house, Adeyemi Alao, popularly known as Q.S. Mr Femi Joseph, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Ondo command who confirmed the story, described the incident as saddening and very unfortunate.

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“It is not a rumour but it is a fact that the young lady was found dead this morning and it is saddening and very unfortunate. “We are on it and trying to get some facts but the Commissioner of Police will brief the press about the details in another 48 hours,” Joseph said.(NAN)


Ahead of Ekiti Governorship election, “About 630, 000 PVCs have been collected as of Wednesday, which means we have about 280, 000 uncollected in Ekiti-INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said that more than 280,000 eligible voters in Ekiti State still hadn’t collected their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) as of Wednesday, nine days to the July 14 Ekiti State governorship election.

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Adedeji Soyebi, the INEC National Commissioner, who would be supervising the election, made the disclosure during a meeting with journalists in Abuja.

Soyebi said that the 280,000 persons would be barred from voting on Saturday if they refuse to claim their PVCs.inec-registeration

He also revealed that over 630,000 voters who had collected their own PVCs would be participating in the election.

According to him, 35 political parties are fielding candidates, while there are 913, 334 registered credible voters in the record of the INEC.

“About 630, 000 PVCs have been collected as of Wednesday, which means we have about 280, 000 uncollected in Ekiti,” he said.

“What this means is that out of the 913, 334 registered voters, about 630, 000 are eligible to vote. As usual, a few months to the election, we devolved registration to the registration centres. All the PVCs that need to be collected are already in Ekiti.”

Soyebi added that 11, 000 ad hoc workers, comprising members of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), had been trained and would be deployed for the election.

He assured the public that the electoral body was ready to conduct a free and fair governorship election on Saturday, and urged the participating political parties in the contest to warn their candidates against heating up the polity.


8th July, 2018



Our great party, the United Progressive Party and its leadership are in total solidarity with President Muhammadu Buhari for issuing the Executive Order No. 6, which is on the seizure of assets that are under investigation including those assets whose owners or claimants to their title are not able to satisfactorily prove their sources of legitimate acquisition.

We wish to recall that on Tuesday 5th May, 2015, a cross-section of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of our party paid a courtesy call to then President- elect, a couple weeks before his formal inauguration, which took place on 29th May 2015, at the Eagle Square, Abuja. In congratulating Mr. President for his resounding victory at the presidential election, we recommended to him three areas he should give priority attention in his administration.

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We recommended that he should declare state of emergency in the power sector. We also recommended that he should pursue the introduction of Electronic Voting System (EVS). The third recommendation we made was anti-corruption drive and we proposed as follows:

“We are aware like most discerning Nigerians that you are fully prepared to square up to the challenges ahead, but permit us to suggest that your
Government should among other things spare no effort to recover all recoverable of our common patrimony in private hands whether in Nigeria or abroad, which has been illegally or illegitimately acquired. UPP shall join the vanguard to mobilize public support for you in this effort.

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In making this suggestion, we are convinced that recovering as little as twenty-five percent of our common wealth in private hands will go a long way in assisting you fulfill most of your campaign promises to the Nigerian people, to the glory of God”

We have followed with admiration the single-mindedness of the Buhari administration to fight corruption and recover looted funds from our common treasury. In fighting corruption, the present APC-led government has been implementing the policies of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) and the Bank Verification Number (BVN), in such a comprehensive manner that unprecedented huge amount of funds have been recovered while various leakages that existed in the 16 years before the advent of the Buhari administration have been largely plugged.

The whistle blowing policy is another unprecedented innovation in fighting
corruption that has put the fear of God in many public officers and their criminal accomplices at home and aboard.

We believe that with improved efficiency in the implementation of these policies the fight against corruption will be won to a very large extent within the period of the tenure of the Buhari administration.

The greatest challenge we perceive that is confronting the government is the tortuous and sometimes frustrating legal processes in securing the conviction of those who have been identified to have looted the national treasury of this country for several years and used some of these illegal and fraudulent acquisitions to invest in properties and stock in Nigeria and abroad with a large chunk of the loot stashed away in foreign banks where the countries the funds are domiciled are using them to develop their economies.
It is in this regard that we are in absolute solidarity with President Buhari for issuing the Executive Order No. 6. We are not impressed by the reaction of those who claim that the Executive Order is for the purpose of witch-hunting. There is no Nigerian who has acquired his wealth legitimately that should be afraid of being caught up by the Executive Order. Only those who have access to our national treasury and abused such privileges and positions should be afraid of the well intended Executive Order No. 6. The United Progressive Party has no iota of sympathy for such people. Those who argue that the Executive Order No. 6 is unconstitutional are at liberty to approach the courts to seek redress and stop unnecessary noisy politicking.


To his greatest surprise, Many people trooping in for his Weekly Adoration could not assist him, Catholic Priest dressed himself like a madman and begger(video)

Give and it shall be given to you

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A Catholic priest of Nnewi diocese,a native of Ihiala, Anambra state, Fr Thaddeus Ilechukwu, a.k.a Egwu umu mmuo, disguised himself as a beggar.

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From this video , he did in order to knows the minds of people worshipping in his ministry, those that come to his ministry listened the words of God, seeks deliverances, breakthrough, healing and etc.

To his greatest surprise, Many people trooping in for his Weekly Adoration could not assist him

. This, for me, is a foretaste of the last day. Will you recognise the Lord when Are comes to you.

Will He find you doing good,according to look Luke chapter 6v38 Give to others, and God will give to you. Indeed, you will receive a full measure, a generous helping, poured into your hands–all that you can hold. The measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you.”


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To his greatest surprise, Many people trooping in for his Weekly Adoration could not assist him, Catholic Priest dressed himself like a madman and begger(video)

A Catholic priest of Nnewi diocese,a native of Ihiala, Anambra state, Fr Thaddeus Ilechukwu, a.k.a Egwu umu mmuo, disguised himself as a beggar.

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From this video , he did in order to knows the minds of people worshipping in his ministry, those that come to his ministry listened the words of God, seeks deliverances, breakthrough, healing and etc.

To his greatest surprise, Many people trooping in for his Weekly Adoration could not assist him


. This, for me, is a foretaste of the last day. Will you recognise the Lord when Are comes to you.

Will He find you doing good,according to look Luke chapter 6v38 Give to others, and God will give to you. Indeed, you will receive a full measure, a generous helping, poured into your hands–all that you can hold. The measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you.”

Psalm 18:25,26 With the merciful you will show yourself merciful; with an upright

Proverbs 22:9 He that has a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he gives of his.
From this illustration from the man of God remind what the book of Isaiah said.

Isaiah 58:7
Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, to bring the poor and homeless into your home, to clothe the naked when you see him, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?

and Matt 25vs 35-37 said the same thing



For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink, I was a stranger and you took Me in, 36I was naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you looked after Me, I was in prison and you visited Me.’

37 Then the righteous will answer Him, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You something to drink?…
May God bless and help us.
May almighty God bless us, we modify our lives through this message. AMEN

Restructuring is a strategic foundation that must be laid to ensure that the adverse economic challenges that will occur due to global change from fossil fuel to renewable energy by 2030 is reduced to the barest minimum~Momah

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians to continue to support the fight against corruption to accelerate Nigeria’s development. Buhari made the call in Abuja on Saturday at the presentation of two books by Maj.-Gen Sam Momah rtd, a former Minster of Science and Technology.

restructuring The books “Restructuring Nigeria beyond Oil’’, and “Pulling Nigeria off the Brink’’ were presented to the public to mark the 75th birthday of the author.

Buhari said the author had in his various works recognised the strategic importance of the fight against corruption to sustaining the integrity of Nigeria and ensuring equity, justice and fair play to all.

The President, represented by the Executive Secretary, Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), Dr Hamid Bobboyi said all Nigerians must remain committed to the fight against corruption.

He said it was a struggle that the nation could not afford to lose. The President, who felicitated with the author on its 75th birthday, described him as an accomplished strategist, astute scientist, an intellectual, who served the country in various capacities meritoriously. He said the celebrator had continued to contribute his quota to the development of the nation even after retirement, describing him as a prolific writer who had written on a verity of national global issues.

According to him, the authors’ earlier works have touched on issues pertaining to global strategy and technology amalgamation in Nigeria. “With these current works, this celebrated author has contributed immensely in deepening the level of our national discourse and in providing new vistas of understanding. “This will go a long way in helping the administration’s present struggle in overcoming some of the perennial challengies,’’ the president said. In his remark,s Momah said at 75, he has nothing else to offer Nigeria than to express his anxieties and elucidate his vision for the country in a book form to guide Nigerian present and future generation.

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He said the books were on issues that were presently on the front burner in Nigeria. Momoh said rather than treat the issues as serious global phenomenon, they were being politicised and localised.

He said the book, “Restructuring Nigeria Beyond Oil’’ was prompted by the signing of the climate change agreement in Paris on Dec. 12, 2015 by 195 countries including Nigeria. “The world as from that date will start using non fossil fuel or renewable sources of energy such as electricity solar, hydro, wind and biomass.

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“It means that Nigeria’s oil will have no buyers, its revenue will drop near to zero. The earlier we start restructuring our minds and polity, the better for us as a nation.’’

He said the second book was to alert Nigerians that in 12 years’ time, it would no longer have oil money to share, adding that there was the need to intensify efforts at diversifying the economy from its overdependence on oil.

“We must immediately start reducing our recurrent expenditure and the cost of governance by restructuring a painless contraction in phases of our bloated bureaucracy.’’

According to Momah, restructuring is a strategic foundation that must be laid to ensure that the adverse economic challenges that will occur due to global change from fossil fuel to renewable energy by 2030 is reduced to the barest minimum.

This, he said could be archived by drastic reduction in cost of governance and massive investment in technology. “Restructuring is a win –win for all Nigerian states, restructuring is beyond resource control, it does not mean breaking up Nigeria, instead, its main objectives is to reform, re-organise, re-enforce and rejuvenate Nigeria.’’

The high point of the event was the unveiling of the books as well as the inauguration of the “Sam Momah Foundation’’.

The Foundation is designed to reawaken and promote reading culture among students by establishing reading centres in parts of the country. Present at the event were serving and retired top government functionaries from different sectors of the economy. (NAN)

A security and politics Correspondent with Vanguard Newspapers was Friday night assaulted by a “soldier” at Abuja

A security and politics Correspondent with Vanguard Newspapers was Friday night assaulted by a “soldier” who violated his right of way at the gate of City Park in Abuja.

The incident occurred at about 9:30pm after the journalist Omeiza Ajayi, in company of his brother, Michael left the park in their vehicles. Narrating his ordeal, Omeiza said;


“I closed from work at about 8pm and decided to see my brother, Michael who was entertaining some of his guests at the Park. We left at about 9:25pm and I drove in their front but just before we approached the gate, a light brown, 2005 Toyota Highlander Jeep marked LAGOS LND 968 BP attempted to overtake by my right side.

Seeing that there was no way he could do that, the driver then slowed down a bit and attempted to overtake me by my left side, slightly brushing me in the process and blocking my exit door. Rather than apologise, he, along with two male occupants of the jeep came down, but without putting the car on Park mode, a situation that made it reverse a little and again brushing my car in the process. Because he had inadvertently blocked by exit door, I could not come down and then he started raining a flurry of blows on my face until I held his shirt in such a way that he had to gasp for breathe.


Unfortunately for him, his plastic Identification Card which he was holding, got broken in the process of assaulting me and because he was too drunk, he didn’t notice it”. A quick search on the electronic vehicle registration app id-armyof the Directorate of Road Traffic Services DRTS in Abuja showed that the vehicle has not been properly registered.




Asked to properly identify himself, the “soldier” brought out an identity card which he also covered with his fingers, in order that his true identity be not ascertained. According to Omeiza, while he bled, the soldier who was in mufti threatened to call for a reinforcement, a development that forced some guests at the Park to threaten his arrest before entering is jeep and speeding off.

“I was traumatized by this incident and had to undergo treatment for the injury sustained as well as take other medicines to halt the severe stomach ache I experienced as a result of having to swallow my own blood, the soldier having injured me on the chin. I bled from Wuse 2 to my house”, Omeiza recalled.

Vowing to pursue the issue to a logical conclusion, the journalist asked military authorities to retrain their personnel and make them conform to global best practices in civil-military relationship.

“Imagine if he had a gun on him? Such a man could easily have gone on a shooting spree”.
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EXCLUSIVE: How Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun Skipped NYSC, Forged Certificate

Nigeria’s Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, did not participate in the mandatory one-year national youth service scheme. Instead, she forged an exemption certificate many years after graduation, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report.

The year-long service, organised by the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC), is compulsory for all Nigerians who graduate from universities or equivalent institutions at less than 30 years of age.

In addition to being a requirement for government and private sector jobs in Nigeria, the enabling law prescribes punishment for anyone who absconds from the scheme or forges its certificates.

Eligible Nigerians who skipped the service are liable to be sentenced to 12 months imprisonment and/or N2,000 fine, according to Section 13 of the NYSC law.

Section 13 (3) of the law also prescribes three-year jail term or option of N5,000 fine for anyone who contravenes provision of the law as Mrs Adeosun has done.

Subsection 4 of the same section also criminalises giving false information or illegally obtaining the agency’s certificate. It provides for up to three-year jail term for such offenders.

Mrs Adeosun’s official credentials obtained by PREMIUM TIMES show that the minister parades a purported NYSC exemption certificate, which was issued in September 2009, granting her exemption from the mandatory service on account of age.


Mrs Adeosun graduated from the Polytechnic of East London in 1989, at the age of 22. According to her curriculum vitae, Mrs Adeosun was born in March 1967.

The institution changed name to University of East London in 1992. Mrs Adeosun has her certificate issued in the new name.

Having graduated at 22, it is obligatory for Mrs Adeosun to participate in the one-year national service, for her to qualify for any job in Nigeria.

However, at the time of her graduation, the young Folakemi Oguntomoju, as she then was, did not return to Nigeria to serve her fatherland.

Upon graduation in 1989, the Applied Economics graduate pursued fast-paced career in the British public and private sectors.

She first landed a job at British Telecoms, but left after a year to join Goodman Jones, an accounting and investment firm, as audit officer. She served there till 1993.

In 1994, Mrs Adeosun joined London Underground Company as Internal Audit Manager, before switching to Prism Consulting, a finance firm, where she worked between 1996 until 2000.

In 2000, Mrs Adeosun was hired by PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she worked for two years.

When she eventually returned to Nigeria in 2002, Mrs Adeosun still did not deem it necessary to participate in the NYSC scheme. She simply accepted a job offer at a private firm, Chapel Hill Denham.

However, ostensibly concerned that she might run into trouble for skipping the mandatory scheme, Mrs Adeosun, sometime in 2009, procured a fake exemption certificate.

The NYSC does not issue exemption certificate to anyone who, like the minister, graduates before turning 30, top officials of the scheme familiar with the matter told PREMIUM TIMES. NYSC Headquarters

Mrs Adeosun’s ‘certificate’ is dated September 9, 2009, and was purportedly signed by Yusuf Bomoi, a former director-general of the corps.

Officials said Mr. Bomoi stepped down from the NYSC in January 2009, and could not have signed any certicate for the corps eight months after. The retired brigadier general passed on in September 2017.


Using that fake certificate, Mrs Adeosun went on to clinch high-profile jobs at Quo Vadis Partnerships(managing director), Ogun State Government (commissioner for finance), and Federal Government of Nigeria(minister of finance).

By the provision of Section 12 of the NYSC Act, employers must demand NYSC certificates from prospective employees. The law also mandates employees to present only genuine certificates for that purpose.

Section 12 of the Act reads:

“For the purposes of employment anywhere in the Federation and before employment, it shall be the duty of every prospective employer to demand and obtained from any person who claims to have obtained his first degree at the end of the academic year 1973-74 or, as the case may be, at the end of any subsequent academic year the following:-

a. a copy of the Certificate of National Service of such person issued pursuant to section 11 of this Decree

b. a copy of any exemption certificate issued to such person pursuant to section 17 of this Decree

c. such other particulars relevant there to as may be prescribed by or under this Decree.”

A lawyer, Sagir Gezawa, described jobs Mrs Adeosun has had in Nigeria as illegal.

“The combined effect of sections 12 and 13 of the NYSC Act is that it is illegal to hire a person who graduated but failed to make himself or herself available to serve, or falsify any document to the effect that he or she has served or exempted from serving.”

However, without demanding or verifying the veracity of the certificate presented by Mrs Adeosun, two Nigerian companies, the Ogun State Government and the Federal Government of Nigeria employed, her at various times.

On becoming governor in 2011, Ibikunle Amosun nominated her into his cabinet. She proceeded to serve as commissioner of finance for four years. vGov Ibikunle Amosun

In November 2015, Mrs Adeosun was sworn in as minister by President Muhammadu Buhari, and assigned the all-important finance ministry, after a supposed security and Senate screening.

The State Security Service, charged with vetting appointees to top government positions, failed to detect that her NYSC certificate was fake.

The Senate, which received the fake certificate as part of the documents Mrs Adeosun submitted for her confirmation hearing, detected the discrepancy, PREMIUM TIMES understands.

But it nonetheless proceeded to clear her for the top office. Those familiar with the matter said the leadership of the National Assembly used that information to blackmail and extort Mrs Adeosun for years.


We investigated Mrs Adeosun’s so-called NYSC certificate for months, determining eventually that it is fake.

“This one is an Oluwole certificate,” a top official of the corps said after we showed him a copy of the document. “We did not issue it and we could not have issued it.” Oluwole is a location in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, where fraudsters possess an amazing dexterity in the act of forging all kinds of documents.

Several current and former officials of the scheme told this paper that the NYSC would never issue an exemption certificate to anyone who graduated before age 30 and did not fall into the categories of persons exempted by the corps’ enabling Act.

By that law, there are four categories of Nigerians eligible for exemption certificates. The first are those who graduated after turning 30. The second are holders of national honours. The third are persons who served in the armed forces or the police for up to nine months. The last category are staff of intelligence agencies, or the armed forces.

Therefore, having graduated at 22, and with no record of national honours or service in the intelligence or armed forces, Mrs Adeosun is not qualified for exemption, officials said.

Yet, the so-called exemption certificate she holds gave age as the reason for her exemption.

“This is not the size of our exemption certificate,” another top official of the corps remarked when shown a copy of the minister’s ‘certificate’. “The calligraphy is also different”.

On another day, another staff questioned the genuineness of the ‘certificate’ based on the font of the serial number.

“Look at this, look at this other one, the numbering is different,” the staff said while comparing Mrs Adeosun’s certificate with a genuine one on file.

Mrs Adeosun’s name also failed to pop up during multiple checks of the exemption certificates registers kept by the corps, officials said.

One official, who perused the register recently, noted that the sequence of serial numbers for certificates issued in 2009 did not correspond to that in Mrs Adeosun’s purported certificate.

The signature on the ‘certificate’ is also suspect. As indicated earlier in this report, it was purportedly signed by an official who left the corps eight months before the document was made. One official described that claim as “barefaced lie and total impossibility”.


PREMIUM TIMES reported Friday how the certificate scandal was turned into a tool for blackmail by a National Assembly cartel that used it to coerce the finance minister to keep releasing funds to the lawmaking arm.

Some federal lawmakers revealed to this paper that the discrepancy was detected by the Senate during the minister’s confirmation hearing. But rather than probe the issue, they turned it into a tool against Mrs Adeosun.

The report linked the certificate scandal to the minister’s excessive, even illegal, funding of the lawmakers, including recently funnelling a N10billion largesse to that arm of government. Saraki, Adeosun, Dogara


Although several of its officials informally cooperated with our reporters in the course of this investigation, the NYSC leadership declined to respond to our official correspondences.

We first sent a letter to Director-General Sule Kazaure (brigadier-general) requesting him to help determine the authenticity or otherwise of the minister’s ‘certificate’.

After we received no response for several weeks, we sent in a Freedom of Information request on the matter. Weeks after, we are still waiting for response.

Insiders say authorities of the corps have been under severe pressure in the past weeks not to respond to our inquiries.

One of our reporters also requested a reaction from Oluyinka Akintunde, the spokesperson to Mrs Adeosun, who was briefed on the outcome of our investigations. He is yet to send a response to our inquiry.

NYS CERTIFICATION Forgery: PDP Demands Adeosun’s Immediate Sack, Arraignment

July 7, 2018

Press StatementThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has charged President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately sack, arrest and arraign his minister of finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun for alleged criminal forgery of her NYSC certificate.

PDP urges President Buhari not to provide a cover for Adeosun in the character of his Presidency whenever close allies or agents are found wanting on issues of corruption.

The party said the revelation vindicates its stand that the Buhari Presidency is a haven of fraudsters, common thieves and persons of questionable character, adding that the recent revelation has cast a full-length dark shadow on the overall integrity of his administration.

The world can now see how the Buhari Presidency has been concealing sharp practices under it. We can now see why there is humongous corruption under President Buhari’s watch and why Mr. President has refused to take any concrete steps to check the sleazes in his administrations.

Perhaps such ‘artful dodgers’ were deliberately hired and placed in revenue related agencies to perfect the pilfering of our common patrimony for interests in the Buhari Presidency.

The PDP challenges President Buhari to prove himself a man of integrity by allowing an open system-wide and independent inquest into all alleged corrupt practices in his presidency.

We challenge President Buhari to be bold to allow an open independent inquest into the exact figures amounting to the trillions of naira oil revenue earned by the nation in the last three years and how he had spent same with Mrs. Adeosun as minister of finance.

Mr. President should also allow an open inquest into his handling, with Mrs Adeosun, of all our depleted foreign financial instruments, including the Excess Crude Account (ECA), from which funds were taken without recourse to the National Assembly.

President Buhari should also allow an inquest into his administration’s borrowing of over N10 trillion in 30 months, with Mrs. Adeosun as minister of finance and the purposes for which the money was used.

Furthermore, we challenge President Buhari to allow an inquest into the leaked memo at the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) showing N9 trillion corrupt oil contracts as well as the alleged stealing of N1.1 trillion worth of crude oil, all in a sector under his direct purview as minister of Petroleum.

We also demand for an open investigation into the N18 billion Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) intervention fund and the N10 billion National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) alleged to have been stolen from the Treasury Single Account (TSA) by APC officials and Presidency cabal.

Finally, the PDP urges Nigerians to note the colossal corruption under President Buhari’s watch and hold him directly responsible for all the calamities that have befallen our nation in the last three years.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary