News Update : Okechukwu re-elected TUC Chairman in Anambra


The Trade Union Congress (TUC) of Nigeria, Anambra Council, has re-elected Mr Ifeanyi Okechukwu as its Chairman for a second tenure. Newsmen report that Okechukwu was returned unopposed at the state TUC Triennial Delegates Conference in Awka on Monday. The Assistant Secretary-General of the Union, Mr Anthony Ebaho, who supervised the electoral process, commended the members for their mature and peaceful conduct. Ebaho said the unanimous decision by the delegates to return the executive was an indication of quality leadership and good harmonious relationship existing between the executive council and members.

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In his acceptance speech, Okechukwu assured members that his executive would continue to employ dialogue and non-confrontational approach with the government on issues of members’ welfare.

Okechukwu said he ensured a cordial relationship between the state government, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), security agencies and business organisations in the state in his first three years. “This transformed the TUC to a major stakeholder in the affairs of the state.” Okechukwu, who doubles as the Chairman, Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN), Anambra chapter, commended Gov. Willie Obiano for the prompt payment of pensions and salaries to workers.

He, however, urged the Federal Government to urgently address security challenges currently ravaging some parts of the country.


NAN reports that other officers re-elected included Chris Ogbonna (Vice Chairman), David Nwaogorugor (Secretary), Uzoh Odilichukwu (Treasurer), and Eweh Onyedika (Financial Secretary). Others are Uche Mba (Public Relations Officer), Ben Ebi-Alex (Assistant Secretary), Mrs Nneka Nwankwo (Chairperson, Women), and Obiakor Ogochukwu (Ex-Officio member



I,  Raphael Udoye From Umualabuike Isieke Isiokpo in Ideato North L.G.A Imo State Hereby Announce to the World That This Idiot In the Picture is never, and can never be my In-law.
I Raphael can never hide taboo no matter who did it, I dont care if you are my Blood or not.
many people will say why did I went to work,  why my Blood sister is getting married.
It just started on 29th of June 2018, when a class mate of my so called sister “UDOYE BLESSING” chatted me that my sister is getting married and have printed a wedding card and I could not Invite her to the wedding.
In surprise I asked Her “which of my sister is getting married and I did not know, Is it a Joke or what?”
she said she is with the wedding card that if I doubt her, I should Invite her to see the wedding Card.
with my utmost surprise, I thought its a dream while its reality.
on reaching home I called her to come that I want to ask her if what am hearing and seeing is true or a nightmare?
Surprisingly She replied “So U have not heard, If you want to know U have to come to our church to know more details”
Imagine someone that I thought is my sister have been deceived by Their so called Pastor From Fishers of men Charismatic church Isiokpo, that she should not tell any member of her family that she is getting married.
I cant Withheld the insult from my sister and their so called Pastor.
I asked my sister again “Blessing who is the man that is seeking your hand in marriage that your family members will not know? is he a ghost or human being? Are you Crazy? How Could you marry someone that your sibling dont Know? How old are You? Is Marriage your future to think for now? how can your pastor print and share wedding card without the consent of your family? Whose names is written in the Card?.
after all this Investigation I found out that the so called Abominable church “Fishers of Men Charistmatic Church Isiokpo, had plan the wedding since six months ago and hide it from the girls family.
on Sunday 1st July 2018 when I Started reporting that this wedding will never hold in my eye, that is when our so called stupid inlaw receive information that the family did not agree that the wedding will hold.

on monday 2nd of July 2018, I am preparing to go work when someone knocked, after receiving the guest
he introduced himself to be the father of this man in the picture with my sister, that he heard we reject the wedding and traditional marriage which will hold on 7th and 8th of July 2018.
that he came only to appeal for us to accept his apology to hold the wedding, that it will be an insult to him if the wedding did not hold, that he had informed their churches all over Nigeria that his Son Is getting marriage, that He had shared the wedding card Since ending of May 2018.
I asked him a question “Is this not the first time am seeing you? How can an elder like you do such evil, by printing a wedding card without knowing your inlaws?

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how can you fix dates for wedding and traditional marriage only you and your churches without seeing the parents of the Child.
He replied “that is the Order of their church, that the Family of the Girl will not know until the wedding date”
Tufiaa!!!! this is a taboo and I have never seen such in Isiokpo Land since My Birth. and can never accept a taboo.


I Raphael hereby announce to the public that you did not marry my sister
You kidnapped her
anything that happens to her in future I will Fight You With all Aspects.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Edo said no fewer than 85 deaths were recorded in 117 road traffic accidents in the state in the past six months.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Edo said no fewer than 85 deaths were recorded in 117 road traffic accidents in the state in the past six months.FRSC

The FRSC state Sector Commander in the state, Mr Anthony Oko, who made the disclosure to the News men on Monday in Benin, said accidents occurred from January to June.

Oko said the figure indicated an increase when compared with  57 deaths recorded in 124 crashes within the same period in 2017.

He said that from January to June this year, 41 of the crashes recorded were fatal, with 541 persons injured, as against 20 fatal accidents and 366 persons injured the same period in 2017.

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The sector commander said that January recorded the highest number of crashes during the period under review, while in 2017 January, February and April accounted for the highest occurrences due to mass movement.

Oko said that Speed Violation (SPV) topped the major causes of mishaps in the state, followed by Brake Failure (BFL) and Mechanical Deficiency (MDV) .

He advised motorists to drive within approved speed limit and also ensure that their vehicles were road-worthy.

He also warned them against dangerous overtaking that could lead to loss of control, especially during heavy down pour “when the roads are wet and slippery and cannot hold tyres of vehicles.

Culled from thenation

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has raised the issue of a detained American man of Vietnamese descent during meetings with senior Vietnamese officials in Hanoi on Monday, a U.S.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has raised the issue of a detained American man of Vietnamese descent during meetings with senior Vietnamese officials in Hanoi on Monday, a U.S. State Department spokesperson said. Pompeo was in Vietnam’s capital to meet with the Vietnamese leadership and discuss North Korea following two days of frosty talks in Pyongyang aimed at persuading leader Kim Jong Un to give up nuclear weapons.

“The secretary also raised the case of William Nguyen and encouraged a speedy resolution to his case,’’ U.S. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said in a statement.

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William Anh Nguyen was detained in June in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City following mass protests sparked by concerns that plans to develop economic zones by offering land leases for up to 99 years would be dominated by investors from China, with which Vietnam has a history of fractious ties.

Nguyen was “gathering and causing trouble’’ in Ho Chi Minh City and was filmed on camera urging others to climb over barricades, the state-run Vietnam News Agency reported.

Video footage of Nguyen shared on social media showed he had blood on his head during the June protest.

The Vietnamese government has denied any use of force against Nguyen and has allowed U.S. consular officials to visit him in detention. NAN

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is due to be sworn in as Turkey’s First Executive President with vastly expanded powers on Monday,

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is due to be sworn in as Turkey’s First Executive President with vastly expanded powers on Monday, when he also plans to announce his cabinet. Erdogan is scheduled to take the oath of office at the Grand National Assembly in Ankara at 4:30 pm (1330 GMT), as Turkey completes its transition from a parliamentary model to an all-powerful presidency. The radical changes were approved by a razor-thin majority in an April 2017 constitutional referendum. Erdogan would become both the head of state and government, with the prime minister’s post abolished. Hturkeye will have sweeping new powers, including over the judiciary and the ability to rule by decree.

He won re-election on June 24, with 52.59 per cent of votes. In parliamentary polls held the same day, his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) secured a majority through its alliance with the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

After taking the oath, Erdogan plans to visit the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the modern, secular ,Turkish Republic.

His inauguration at the 1,150-room presidential palace will be attended by 22 presidents and 28 prime ministers and parliament speakers, among others, state News Agency, Anadolu, reported. Erdogan has been in power for 15 years, first as prime minister, and then as president, from 2014.Also read

Under the new system, the counting of terms starts afresh, which means he starts his first five-year term on Monday. There is a two-term limit on the office of the president, so he could effectively stay in power until 2028. NAN

British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed Dominic Raab as the new Brexit Secretary on Monday

British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed Dominic Raab as the new Brexit Secretary on MondayDominic-Raab after his predecessor quit in protest at the government’s plans for a close trading relationship with the European Union.


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Domnic Raab, New British Brexit Secretary “The Queen has been pleased to approve the appointment of Dominic Raab MP as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union,” a statement from May’s office said.

Raab was previously a minister for housing. NAN

Senator Kabir Marafa has suggested that Nigerians should be allowed to carry guns as a way of stopping the wanton killings in many parts of the country.

Senator Kabir Marafa has suggested that Nigerians should be allowed to carry guns as a way of stopping the wanton killings in many parts of the country.marafa

Senator Marafa, who is from Zamfara state where many people have been killed during multiple civil unrests, made the suggestion last Tuesday during deliberations in the Senate where himself and other senators reacted to the killings in Plateau and other states. According to Premiumtimes, a visibly angry Marafa said

“My point is, people cannot be slaughtered in their houses helplessly. Maybe what we need to do is to liberalize gun control. Let everybody own a gun so that when you are coming to my house, you will know that I have my own gun while you are coming with yours”.


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The senator added that he believes that the only advantage the criminals have over their victims is the guns and weapons they carry.

APC take legal action againstGaladima For The ‘Criminal Acts’ Of Forming R-APC And Declaring Himself Chairman

Batunde Ogala, National Legal Adviser of the All Progressives Congress (APC), says the party will institute legal action against Buba Galadima for the “criminal acts” of forming the Reformed-All Progressives Congress (APC), a faction of the ruling party, and declaring himself Chairman and also said that  APC under the current leadership will work with the leadership of President Muhammad Buhari to sanitize our political space and we will start with Mr. Galadima and his group to show that there is no room today for the impunity of old.

THE FULL STATEMENTAPC under the current leadership will work with the leadership of President Muhammad Buhari to sanitize our political space and we will start with Mr. Galadima and his group to show that there is no room today for the impunity of old.

Two days ago, on July 4, 2018, we witnessed a Press Conference by one Mr. Buba Galadima speaking allegedly on behalf of a group of politicians who claim to be of our Party the All Progressives Congress (APC). His very act (as we will show later in this address) taken together with the content of his Press Release were reminiscent of the televised military address issued after a successful execution of a Coup De Tat which Nigerians had become used to before the advent of this sustained democratic experience. The only difference being that Mr. Galadima was gabbed in civilian attire.

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Furthermore, other persons purporting to be members of this group have gone to town seeking to validate this unruly conduct and these have necessitated the APC as the ruling party responsible for the protection of our budding democracy to clarify on the legal import of the action of this group as well as confirm to our teeming supporters across the country that this situation is well within our control and assure all that the rule of law must take its natural course in this matter.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the sum total of Mr. Galadima’s Press Release can be captured under 3 (Three) major issues and we will address each of them subsequently;

That the Party’s convention was improperly conducted by the Convention Chairman as Consensus candidates were only subjected to a ‘yes’ vote in alleged contravention of Article 20 of the APC Constitution.

That a group of delegates have come together 10(Ten) days after the successful conduct of the APC convention to, in their words, ‘take control and give legitimacy’ to APC now to be known as Reformed APC (‘R-APC).

That R-APC whose congresses and convention date is yet to be disclosed already has the full complement of national executives, national working committee, state executives and local government officials in all 774 local government across the country,

(a).On the first issue regarding the convention of APC held on June 23, 2018 let me make it clear that it was the culmination of a series of congresses conducted in over 166,000 wards across this country and all the 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory which produced the delegates. The question of elections within the APC is covered by Article 20 of the APC Constitution. Specifically, Section 20 (1) provides that;

‘All Party posts prescribed or implied by this constitution shall be filled by democratically conducted elections at the respective National Convention or Congress subject, where possible to consensus, Provided that where a candidate has emerged by consensus for an elective position, a vote of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ by ballot or voice shall be called to ensure that it was not an imposition which could breed discontent and crisis’.

A clear reading of this provision shows that delegates may consent to a single candidate; however that consent must be validated/re-affirmed at the convention. This was exactly the case at the convention where candidates who emerged based on consensus had their elections validated and affirmed by voice votes of the delegates. This much was admitted by Galadima in his civilian take-over speech. It is therefore worrisome that he goes ahead to suggest that the affirmation process was flawed because only a ‘yes’ question was put to the delegates and not a ‘yes’ and ‘no’question.

In any case, considering that this question condescends on the interpretation of a legal document, I would have expected Galadima and his gang to consult a lawyer who should have told them that the use of the word ‘or’ in a legal document connotes that it is disjunctive. So a party is at liberty to choose between two options and exercisingonly one of both options would amount to compliance with the provisions contained in such a document. This was the decision of the Court in the case of Nwaogwugu v. President F.R.N. (2007) All FWLR (Pt. 358) 1151 at 1171 Paras G-H, where the Court held as follows:

“The use of the word “or” in a statute connotes disjunctive participle used to express an alternative or to give a choice of one among two or more things. The word always bears a disjunctive meaning in an enactment. It separates the provision preceding it from the provision coming after it. Its role is to show that the other provisions in which it is appearing are distinct and separate one from the other…”

From the above, it is clear that the convention chairman only had to ask a ‘yes’ (ie affirmation) question or a ‘no’ (i.e a dissent) question but certainly not a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ question. For Mr. Galadima to seek to threaten our democracy based on his misconceived interpretation of the word ‘or’ is a testament to his desperation and sense of impunity. Overall, were the mischief, spirit and intendment of the provision of Article 20 not complied with?

One would have expected a law-abiding person who is confused about the law or disenchanted with a processto approach the appropriate judicial authorities to seek redress instead of resorting to self-help and embarking on criminal acts in the name of being aggrieved.

(b).On the second issue raised above which is the claim by the Mr. Galadima that APC delegates have decided to take control and given legitimacy to APC as well as formed the Reformed APC, this only reveals the extent of disregard for our laws and constituted authorities by this group. You have to ask them at what point did they conduct congresses to elect delegates to their Political Party? Or was it the same delegates who conducted themselves in an orderly manner at the APC convention of June 23, 2018 that this group speaks of 10 days after? Does this group realize that political parties are not conjured into existence by wishful thinking but by careful compliance with the cumbersome process of registration laid out in section 78 of the Electoral Act 2010? There is no provision for civilian coups in the constitution of APC and any suggestion that their action was carried out in consonance with the APC constitution is as misconceived as it is mischievous.

(c).On the third point of the R-APC electing executives across the country, the question to ask this group that claims to be aggrieved because of an alleged breach of a provision in the APC constitution requiring ‘yes’ and ‘no’ voice vote is, where did they hold their own convention? Is it not a requirement of the same APC constitution that positions must be subjected to election either democratically of through consensus? Were the so called executives of this new contraption elected by consensus or by contestation? Have they ever heard of or read the provisions of Section 85 of the Electoral Act? Have they seen the Guidelines for the Registration of New Political Parties 2014? Where officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) at their imaginary congress? These are questions that speak to the real intent of this group which is to perpetuate impunity, breach public peace by causing political pandemonium and reap benefits from the vandalization of our democratic process. But APC will not allow that.

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Some of the immediate consequences of the action of Mr. Galadima is that he and his gang (unless those who have disassociated themselves from his Press Release) have committed several criminal infractions as well as given rise to civil injury against the APC which include;


Mr. Galadima in his Press Release copiously referred to himself as the substantive Chairman of R-APC a variant of APC whilst he knows fully well that there is indeed no such political party in Nigeria. Also, he also suggests that he is the substantive Chairman of APC even though he knows that Com. Adams Oshiomole is indeed the party Chairman and Mr. Galadima never contested for Chairmanship at the just concluded convention of the APC. In the circumstance, Mr. Galadima has committed the offence of Personation as defined and punishable under Section 484 of the Criminal Code and the authorities will be requested to do their work in bringing him to account.


To the extent that Mr. Galadima continues to perpetuate a falsehood knowing such falsehood of him forming a Political Party overnight and being Chairman either of same party or APC indeed to be untrue yet persists for the purpose of gaining either pecuniary or other benefits, he is guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation. In Ikechukwu Ikpa vs. The State (2018) 4 NWLR Part 1069 Page 175 – 240, the Supreme Court defines Fraudulent Misrepresentation to mean;

‘a false statement that is known to be false or is made recklessly without knowing or caring whether it is true or false and that is intended to induce a party to detrimentally rely on it’.

In this case, Mr. Galadima knowingly made his false statement with the clear intention of deceiving Nigerians to abandon the APC and instead follow him and his gang.


Without a doubt, the declaration of Mr. Galadima if left unchecked is capable of leading to the public nuisance and a breach of peace across Country. Our loyal members are already agitated by the incendiary action of this group which runs counter to the beliefs, principles and creed of the APC.


This for us is one of the key points of this address. We trust relevant authorities to deal with the criminal conducts of this group. However as it touches on our brand we are forced to quickly take steps to protect it from being subjected to erosion by the thoughtless actions of this group.

As Nigerians are aware, the coinage APC is both a mark and a copy right capable of being protected under the common law principles of passing off as well as under the extant provisions of the Copyright’s Act. Nigerians can only imagine what it would be like if we were to wake up one morning to a bank claiming to the Reformed First Bank Plc or a Construction company claiming to be the Reformed Julius Berger Plc formed by a group of its directors allegedly because they disagree with certain decisions taken at the board meeting! This will be viewed as a blatant assault on the brand for which both civil and criminal recourse can be sought.

So is it in this case that APC is a brand owned by its teeming members who have invested the National Executive Committee and other organs of the party with the power to protect this brand from abuse and erosion. We practice a multi-party democratic system and therefore cannot stop Mr. Galadima from forming his own political party if he so desires. However, he will not be allowed to do so using the APC brand. For the infringement so far committed by Mr. Galadima and the odium he has brought upon the APC brand we will be seeking civil redress against his person and that of his group. With respect to the criminal aspect of his conduct, we will be notifying the appropriate authorities to do the needful.

Fellow Nigerians, in 2015, we witnessed a seismic event where for the first time in our political history an opposition party defeated an incumbent. We opened our arms to work with all Nigerians because we believe in the inherent goodness of all Nigerians. However, we have had to battle with the manifest desperation of a few overlords who consider every segment of Nigeria their personal property. The government of President Muhammad Buhari and the leadership of our great party are committed to winning the battle for the soul of Nigeria, securing it from further pillaging by these rent seekers and deliver the dividends of democracy to all Nigerians without regards for tribe, religion and social status.

This requires us to cleanse our political process of people who have become accustomed to brigandage and being unruly. Politics and leadership are enterprises that should summon the best in us not expose the worst in us. Let those who are in doubt hear this, APC under the current leadership will work with the leadership of President Muhammad Buhari to sanitize our political space and we will start with Mr. Galadima and his group to show that there is no room today for the impunity of old.