Impeached Speaker of Plateau House of Assembly, Mr Peter Azi said on Wednesday that he had no regrets over his removal

Impeached Speaker of Plateau House of Assembly, Mr Peter Azi said on Wednesday that he had no regrets over his removal.

Azi, representing Jos North-East Constituency in the House, was unanimously removed by his colleagues in a dramatic sitting on Wednesday.

He was promptly replaced with Mr Joshua Madaki from Jos East Constituency as the new Speaker of the State House of Assembly.

Speaking to newsmen, Azi described his removal as “part of legislative dynamism’’ that shapes democracy. “As we speak, I don’t have any regrets over my removal as speaker of Plateau State House of Assembly.

“To me, the removal is just part of the legislative dynamism, which I should gladly accept as it helps in shaping our democracy. “In fact, I now feel relieved because now I have time to parley with people in my own constituency because then as speaker, I took the entire state as my constituency.

“I am happy that my colleagues did not pin-point my area of fault in my leadership,but only claimed they just needed a change of leadership,” he said.

reps4On whether it was because he was a stumbling block to the House getting at Governor Simon Lalong, Azi said, “well, if that was the problem, they didn’t say so. “It is the same people that elected Lalong as governor, who also elected members to the House, and so I see no reason why they may want to get at him. “I don’t think anyone would want to plunge the state into any crisis;.

we are all trying to support the democratic system for due process to thrive for the sake of the peace of the state.

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“If they have anything against the governor, why won’t they seek amicable means of relaying it to him, than go after him? “All we want is peace on the Plateau not rancour,’’ Azi  said.



Ekiti: Democracy Under Attack In Nigeria by The National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

July 11, 2018

Test Of Press Conference By The National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (

PDP) On The Unsavory Situation In Ekiti, Being Orchestrated By The APC-Led Federal Government To Scuttle The July 14, 2018 Governorship Election In The State.

Ekiti: Democracy Under Attack In Nigeria!

Gentlemen of the press, our democracy has finally come under heavy attack. You will recall that the PDP had earlier alerted that President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) are on self-succession cruise to turn our nation into a fascist state.

Recently, the APC factional National Chairman, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, boasted that they were going to crush the opposition. Today, the siege has began.

The situation in Ekiti State has reinforced the signpost of a manifest desire by the APC and its leaders to subdue the resilient spirit of Nigerians and set up a totalitarian regime in our country.

This morning, in its desperation to forcefully take over Ekiti State, the APC-led Federal Government deployed armed police personnel led by one Compol Mopol Echel Echel, who blocked the Ekiti State Government House, attacked and placed the democratically elected governor of Ekiti State, Governor Ayodele Fayose, under house arrest. At the moment, no one goes in or out of the government house.

The invading police squad sacked the official security at the Government House, fired sporadically into the premises during which Governor Fayose was beaten up by Policemen and brought down by volleys of teargas while several others were injured.

This, we have been informed, is part of the ‘order from above’, in line with the earlier boast by the Buhari-led APC, to “cage” Governor Fayose ahead of the July 14, 2018 Ekiti governorship election, so as to grant their agents a field day to rig the election.

In fact, we have been made aware that the invasion was a plot to assassinate Governor Fayose and blame it on accidental discharge by one of the policemen.

The PDP marks this siege on an elected governor and a government house as a recipe for violence; a complete attack on our democratic order and direct assault on the corporate existence of Ekiti and her people as a federating part of our nation.

We know that this is part of the desperate effort by the APC-led Federal Government to intimidate, subjugate, frighten and overawe the people and unleash a rigging mechanism for the election.

Information available to the PDP reveals that part of the rigging design includes the deploying of an APC state governor in each of the local government areas across the state to coordinate the plot.

We also know that the APC rally on Tuesday, which was boycotted by the people of Ekiti State, was a gimmick to import thugs from neigbouring states. Our supporters, who have been placed at red alert have been monitoring all strange faces already milling around in various local government areas in the state.

Also our intelligence reveals that the 30,000 policemen as well as some compromised military personnel deployed to Ekiti state are being positioned to embark on mass arrest and harassment of Ekiti citizens with the view to frightening them and preventing them from participating in the election.

Furthermore, some heavily armed DSS personnel are being deployed to work with some compromised officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to smuggle in preloaded card reader machines and result sheets, to be exchanged in advance, which they will attempt to deliver to APC agents.

The PDP is fully aware of the actors in this heinous plot including some directors in INEC, particularly in its Information Communication Technology (ICT) Department, who have been holding clandestine meetings with APC leaders.

We are also not unaware that the stage is being set for the APC to use INEC to announce a pre-determined result in Ekiti State governorship election.

The PDP however states, in very clear and unequivocal terms, that all these machinations will end in vain as nobody, no matter the evil device used, be it harassment, threats, arrests or even murder, can subjugate the people of Ekiti State and forcefully take over their leadership in this election without their consent.

Let the world know that the people of Ekiti State cannot be cowed or frightened and that they are not ready or willing to allow anybody to subvert their determined will to elect a leader of their choice.

We want all to know that Ekiti people are fully determined to take their destiny in their hands on July 14, 2018 and no bullet or oppressor’s whip can stop them. They are fully ready now, more than ever before, to face all threats and harassment and to resist any attempt to forcefully take over their state.

We therefore warn all thugs imported from neigbouring states to note that they are in Ekiti at their own peril. Ekiti people and residents know themselves and will never allow any stranger to participate in the electoral process. Any attempt by anybody to test the will of the people might be faced with dire consequences.

Furthermore, our ‘eyes’ have been stationed in every polling unit, every collation center as well as every exit and entry point across the state and those seeking to rig the election must be sure they will be stopped in their trail with every available instrument in a democracy.

It is a settled fact that Ekiti State is a well-known stronghold of the PDP and we will not, in anyway, accept anything short of free, fair and credible election, abundantly reflecting the will of the people. Anything to the contrary might attract very terrible consequences.

Awfully, the Ekiti action is a wild attempt by the incompetent President Muhammed Buhari and his dysfunctional APC to kidnap our democracy.

Finally, we invite the entire world to note how the APC and INEC are stoking crisis and violence in Ekiti State and to hold them responsible should any harm befall Governor Fayose and should there be any breakdown of law and order before, during and after the poll.

We believe in the rule of law; we believe in one man, one vote.

We must stop this siege against our democracy!

BREAKING NEWS : Plateau Assembly impeaches Speaker, Majority Leader

The Speaker of Plateau State House of Assembly, Peter Azi, was on Wednesday impeached by 17 out of the 24-member parliament dominated by the All Progressives Congress.

He was replaced by Joshua Izang Madaki, a legal practitioner representing Jos East constituency.


Those affected PLSG-139x89was the Majority Leader, Henry Yunkwap, representing Shendam constituency, who was also replaced by Hon. Nanlong, of Mikang constituency.

They were said to have been sacked over “irreconcilable differences” in the recent removal of Local Government Caretaker Committee chairmen.

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The chairman, Public Accounts and Petition Committee representing Barkin Ladi constituency, Peter Gyendeng

I’m sorry for men, they can’t conceive, experience childbirth -Chimamanda Adichie

Nigerian frontline novelist, and feminist icon, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, has said she felt sorry for men because they(men) cannot conceive and experience the benefits that come with being a mother. The celebrated novelist said this in an interview with Vulture, where she also opened up about what having a child meant to her and the impact it had on her art. She said that having a child interrupts her writing to an extent but also opens up a new range of emotions that can inspire art which men can’t experience. “I used to think I wouldn’t be a good mother because I was so dedicated to my art,” the ‘Americanah’ writer said. “I said to myself, I have nephews and nieces who I adore, and I helped raise them, so those will be my children. That’s what I thought for a long time, because I felt that I couldn’t be true to both my art and my child. “Getting older. I like to joke and say that you’re ready [to have a child] when your body isn’t ready, and when your body is ready, you’re not mentally ready. “I guess you have the best eggs when you’re, like, 22, but at 22 you don’t even know yourself. “Then when you’re 38 and know yourself, your eggs are not the best quality. Anyway, we’ll talk about eggs another time.” “But my baby happened, and it’s important to talk honestly about this, because having her changed a lot,” she said. “Having a child gets in the way of writing. It does. You can’t own your time the way you used to. “But the other thing that motherhood does — and I kind of feel sorry for men that they can’t have this — is open up a new emotional plane that can feed your arts”wanted-to-be-a-priest-suffered-depression-cant-live-with-writers-new-revelations-about-chimamanda-emerge

BREAKING NEWS! Governor Fayose Suffocate As Police Fire Teargas At Him (Photos)

Governor Ayodele Fayose has collapsed after policemen in Ekiti state fired Teargas at him.


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News Update :Operatives of the Imo State Police Command have arrested a pastor in the Assemblies of God Church in Owerri, Chukwuma Okezuo, for allegedly giving prophecies against the state Governor, Rochas Okorocha, during a church service.

Operatives of the Imo State Police Command have arrested a pastor in the Assemblies of God Church in Owerri, Chukwuma Okezuo, for allegedly giving prophecies against the state Governor, Rochas Okorocha, during a church service.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Andrew Enwerem, who paraded the cleric before newsmen on Tuesday, accused him of prophesying during last Sunday’s church service in the Urratta area of Owerri.

The pastor was alleged to have said in his prophecy that the governor was recruiting young boys in the state with the sole aim of kidnapping children between zero and 10 years for ritual purposes.

The police spokesperson said the pastor prophesied that Governor Okorocha was allegedly engaging in the ritual exercises towards the 2019 governorship election in the state.

He added that the “false prophecy” was capable of causing rancour and panic in the state.

“I parade before you one acclaimed pastor, Chukwuma Okezuo, of Assemblies of God Church. He was arrested during a church service last Sunday at Owaelu Urratta over false prophecies against the person of the Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha.

“The suspect, while on the pulpit, made false prophecies against the governor that he was recruiting young boys to be kidnapping children between zero and 10 years for ritual purposes. He falsely prophesied that the governor was engaging in the ritual purposes with the sole aim of winning the 2019 governorship election and therefore asked the congregation to pray.

“This false prophecy, by this acclaimed pastor, is very malicious and capable of causing rancour, panic, anxiety and disintegrating the state. The Imo State Police Command, under the leadership of Commissioner of Police, Mr Dasuki Galandanchi, will not watch the people jeopardise the peace of the state.

“Religious leaders should be mindful of the things they say. We will charge the suspect to court for legal action,” he said.

In an interview with Southern City News, the 40-year-old pastor, who hails from the Mbaitoli Local Government Area of the state, said what the police accused him of was untrue.

He said that he only asked the congregation to pray against untimely death and spirits al manipulations without mentioning the name of anybody including that of the governor

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WhatsApp introduces new feature to curb False news Read more

WhatsApp has announced the launch of a new feature globally that will highlight when a message has been forwarded and not composed by the sender.


The messaging application made the move public on Tuesday through its official blog following calls from various parts of the world, including India, to tackle the spread of fake news. In the statement, the platform, owned by Facebook, said, “Starting today, WhatsApp will indicate which messages you receive, have been forwarded to you. “This extra context will help make one-on-one and group chats easier to follow,” WhatsApp said in a blog.


“It also helps you determine if your friend or relative wrote the message they sent or if it originally came from someone else.

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“To see this new forwarded label, you need to have the latest supported version of WhatsApp on your phone,” WhatsApp added. Recently, while replying a notice by the Indian government to take immediate measures to prevent misuse of its platform, WhatsApp had said that it was testing a new label that highlights when a message has been forwarded. “This could serve as an important signal for recipients to think twice before forwarding messages.

“Because it lets a user know if content they received was written by the person they know or a potential rumour from someone else,” it had said. In its blog, the instant messaging application added, “WhatsApp cares deeply about your safety. “We encourage you to think before sharing messages that were forwarded. As a reminder, you can report spam or block a contact in one tap and can always reach out to WhatsApp directly for help.

” The company had last month also announced “unrestricted monetary awards” for research on spread of misinformation on its platform to address the problem. (NAN)

Heavy shooting now going on in front of Ekiti Govt house – Governor Fayose

Fayose has said that there is heavy shooting now going on in front of Ekiti Govt house. Fayose on his Twitter handle tweeted that

Peter Ayodele Fayose


Heavy shooting now going on in front of Ekiti Govt house by armed policemen brought by the APC

Stay tuned for more details…….

Ekiti: PDP Mocks APC, Fayemi Over Flopped Rally…Says Buhari Should Learn Governance from Fayose

July 10, 2018

Press Statement

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described Tuesday’s rally of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti as a charade and yet another mockery on the party and its rejected governorship candidate, Dr Kayode Fayemi.

The party said the refusal of Ekiti people to attend the rally, leading to APC’s resort to renting crowd from neigbouring states, clearly demonstrates their resolve to have nothing to do with the APC.

Nigerians watched in amusement as even the rented crowd refused to respond to the APC slogan or brandish their brooms, for which Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara state openly nagged them for “sleeping” at the rally.

In a highly embarrassing effort to spur the rented crowd, Kogi state governor Yayaha Bello, from whose state a substantial part of the crowd was rented, had to recourse to his native Ebira language in addressing the rally.

Moreover, President Muhammadu Buhari’s attendance worsened the woes of the APC and its candidate, as the President could not boast of any federal project in the state but sought to beguile the people with his usual list of empty promises in his prepared hollow speech.

This is in addition to empty sloganeering by APC leaders at the rally, particularly, its unelected factional National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, whose attempt at political showboating could not help the situation.

It is even reprehensible that the poster boys paraded at the rally included governors, like Bello, who is owing salaries in arrears of two years as a result of which many public servants in Kogi State had recourse to suicide.

Nigerians are therefore at a loss as regards what governors who have failed their respective states had to tell the people of Ekiti State where PDP had made life better.

We are however not surprised at the remarks by the Minister of Labour, Senator Chris Ngige, who, in sub-conscious sincerity, advised the people of Ekiti state to reject the APC candidate and endorsed the PDP-led administration of Governor Ayo Fayose.

The PDP therefore counsels President Buhari to use the visit to learn the art of governance from Governor Fayose instead of his proclivities for divisiveness, harsh economic policies and de-marketing of our nation in the international arena.

Mr. President should go round the state and see for himself, the numerous landmark projects executed by the Fayose-led PDP government, after which he should appropriately advice his party members on their futility of contesting the July 14 governorship election in Ekiti.

Furthermore, the people of Ekiti state have not forgotten how President Buhari and the APC failed to take any action or even offer any soothing words when marauders attacked and murdered innocent citizens in the state earlier in the year.

The APC should therefore come to terms with the fact that their lies, propaganda, empty promises and threats cannot, in any way, sway the people of Ekiti state from their iron-cast resolve to rally with the PDP for the continuation of good governance, peace and development in their state.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary

The new Awka Capital City under our uncommon Transformer Governor Willie Obiano (Akpokuedike Global) – By Obika Chidiebele.

Proper planning is critical for effective development of all segments of the society.

This is necessary to create conducive environment for healthy living. With this objective in mind, and through the visionary leadership of Gov. Willie Obiano, The Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTDA), was established to amongst other things, draw up a Development MasterPlan for the Capital City.

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Awka, the capital city of Anambra state, before the administration of His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano, had the ambiance of a glorified rural settlement: the poorly done roads were dotted with potholes, no road signs and infrastructure, no streamlined pattern for streetlights, houses were built randomly without specifications, the drainages were shallow, blocked, and rain water caused floodings, shanties dotted the cityscape; there were no visible infrastructure to standout the Capital city.

However, the emergence of the Obiano’s administration marked the beginning of the end to a gloomy looking state capital.

The administration along with its team, immediately swung into action: works began on the roads within the capital city, including the federal high ways, blocked drainages were desilted and widened for easy flow of rain water, three elegant flyovers were constructed within the city which beams with neon lights at night. All efforts were/are geared towards improving the aesthetic view of the state.

Work is on going at the International Conference Centre, Awka, adequate security provided and the entire city comes alive at night due to the strategically planted streetlights on every street within the city, buildings along the major highways with overlong fences were reduced to 0.9m as specified by the master plan. Shanties and illegal settlements were dislodged in line with the urban renewal program of the State government.

The Awka Capital Territory Development Authority through Mr Okwuosa, the Managing Director said it would demolish all buildings under high tension electricity transmission lines in the state. A statement which had been backed with immediate actions. Thus, making the city to wear a new look.

Recently, in a strategic attempt to fit the Awka city according to its MasterPlan, the government of Anambra state renamed the former Ebele Onyekwelu street, to “Club Road”. This move which for all intents and purposes was precipitated by the avalanche of clubs situate along this road was due for renaming. Obviously, this is our own “Las Vegas” in Anambra!

But as with the nature of man to resist change, malicious controversies trailed the harmless decision, as the Governor of Ebonyi State, His Excellency, David Umahi, described it as ‘descriminating’ against Ebonyi state and her people. But, this of course, was far from being true, as there was no attempt to balance the story as former Abakaliki Street was long lost to Ebele Onyekwelu who registered the Street name over five years ago with the Awka South Local Government Area.

Governor Obiano, being the last man to spite his fellow human being, let alone his Igbo brothers, has always been clear about what he wants to do about the new Awka Capital City. Therefore, through the leadership of Awka South LGA, another street was named Abakaliki street within the city. The new Abakaliki Street runs from the Club Road, through Queen Suites to Enugu-Onitsha Expressway at the Parktonia Hotel end.

From the forgoing, it was clear that the renaming of Ebele Onyekwelu street to Club Road was given wrong interpretation by some persons.

Today, orderliness has been restored to the city as the restriction of Commercial Motorcycles (Okada), from plying the greater Awka and Onitsha roads has recorded huge successes.

The administrations of Gov. Willie Obiano is not only poised to building a beautiful and elegant State capital that Ndi Anambra would be proud of, but to also build, secure, and deliver a safe, economically viable, politically stable and technologically driven greater Anambra to us.

You Must Bring Back Fayose’ — Ngige Campaigns For PDP At APC Rally(video)

Dr Senator  Chris Ngige, Minister for Labour nd Employment, made a loud call for the re-election of Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, in what was a slip of the tongue during the All Progressives Congress (APC) mega rally in Ado Ekiti on Tuesday and many reacted that he didn’t make mistakes, that it is the gods of the land of Ekiti  that make him to speak.


Read and watch  the full details

Mr. President, leaders of our party, our people are ready and on Saturday it will happen. We thank the leaders of our party, especially those from the South West, for forgiving the Ekiti people for the mistake they made in 2014. So, they won’t make that mistake again.

“If you marry two wives, you will know which one is better. Fayose is the better wife; [she] cooks and feeds the husband well. [she] does not give the husband any problem. So you must bring back Fayose on Saturday.”

However, he was promptly jolted back to the consciousness that he had been canvassing support for the opposition.

The Ekiti State governorship election holds on Saturday, the major contenders being Fayemi and Kolapo Olusola, the flagbearer on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) endorsed by Fayose, the incumbent Governor of the state.