NEWS UPDATE :Boyfriend Denied KILLING Former Ondo Dep Gov’s Daughter’s

The Nigerian police in Ondo State have described the confessional statement of Seidu Sakiru Adeyemi denying he killed Khadijat Oluboyo, daughter of the immediate past Deputy Governor of Ondo state, Lasis Oluboyo, as an “infantile defence”.

According to Femi Joseph, spokesman of the Ondo State Police Command, Adeyemi lied by telling journalists that he did not kill the 25-year-old final year student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko.

On Wednesday, Adeyemi had told journalists at the Police headquarters in Akure that he did not kill khadijat but claimed that two men invited by the deceased murdered her.

“She sent me the soft copy of her project on the Whatsapp and told me that she would be leaving Lagos for Akungba on Sunday,” Adeyemi had told journalists on Wednesday.

“On Monday, I received a text message from her that I should send her N2,000 but I was only able to raise N1,000 for her because I didn’t have much money.

“But few hours later, I heard a knock on my door and when I opened, she [Khadijat] was the person I saw and I quickly asked her why she didn’t tell me she was coming to visit me.

“Shortly after, she went out of the room and called in two other boys. She said a boy would be visiting her, but when she came in with the boys I was not comfortable and had to excuse them.

“Later, one of the boys came out to call me and by the time I would enter back into the room, they were with guns and they threatened me.

“One of the boys was even on top of Khadijat on the bed and ordered me to kneel down on the rug and threatened me not to make any move but later they told me to go out and bring a digger.

“By the time I would come back, they had already killed Khadijat and asked me not to tell anyone and they instructed me to dig a big hole so they could bury her…”Seidu Adeyemi 2.jpg

But reacting further, Joseph said Adeyemi — not the two fugitives — killed khadijat. He said the Police were alerted by an informant about the devilish act of Adeyemi when the corpse of the deceased was already oozing stench out of the room.

Narrating how the culprit was caught red-handed by the policemen while trying to exhume the corpse of late Khadijat right inside his room in Akure, the police spokesman said: “On the 6th of this month, we were alerted by an informant about what happened and we went to a house of one Saidu Adeyemi, who happens to be the boyfriend of Khadijat.

“Unfortunately, when we got in there, we met him trying to pack the remains of Khadijat, that is to tell you that he had killed her. He killed khadijat and single-handedly looked for digger, dug a grave in his apartment and buried the lady.

“After few days he noticed that the stench of the decomposing body of khadijat was making him uncomfortable. Apparently sensing danger, he had to tell somebody to help him get a sack so that he could park the remains of khadijat and dispose them off but that was how we swooped on him and got him arrested.

“So, his story is too good to be true; the reason is that if you are saying that two men came in to attack Khadijat, we are talking about six days now when those two men came in and you didn’t raise any alarm.

“He [Adeyemi] admitted that he was still the same person that went outside when the two men told him to go and look for digger; he had the opportunity and yet he did not shout for help.

“You know when criminals are put to a very tight corner like this, they are always being funny. I think he is being to be clever by half. We know how to deal with people like him but by the time we get to court he would surely have his days.

“Let him go and inform the court and let us see how he would get out of that way.

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“His [Adeyemi] defence is too infantile and doesn’t hold any water because he should begin to talk to court in the next twenty four hours.” Joseph said.

Culled from SaharaReporters and edited by Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson


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