Breaking News :At Least Nine’ Killed In Agege Train Accident Caused By ‘Danfo’ Driver

At least nine people have been killed in a train accident that happened in the Agege area of Lagos State on Friday.

The accident, which happened about 8:45am on Friday, was caused by a commercial bus popularly called ‘danfo’ parked close to the rail line by its driver.

A witness narrated to SaharaReporters how the deadly accident happened, explained that the bus, parked close to the rail line, impeded the oncoming train.

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He said the train was already close by when its driver realised that the bus driver was not in it, adding that the resultant collision caused injuries and death mostly to the people who hung onto the frame of the train.

“The driver of the bus parked beside the rail line,” he said. “The train was coming on normal speed and the driver began to honk when he sighted the bus not knowing that the driver was not in it.  The bus destabilized the train and some of those who were on it and those who hung fell off and were killed by the moving train.”

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It was gathered that those who were injured had been taken to the nearest hospital for treatment.

A mild drama subsequently occurred as some of the commuters and touts in Pen Cinema, where the accident happened, began to destroy buses and tricycles parked at a garage along the rail line.


The bus that caused the accident was burnt, while windscreens of about seven tricycles were destroyed.

A tricycle rider, who is popularly called ‘Ola Shehu’, was said to have been angered by how the train commuters and touts in the area destroyed all they could lay their hands on.

He called on the Police to intervene.

As of press time, policemen were in the area in an attempt to restore order.

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