Ekwulobia Security Paraded Two Goat Thieves Yesterday(views pictures below)

Eziagulu village, security Ekwulobia, paraded two goat thieves namely  Mr Ifedichukwu Iloduba from Eziagulu village and Chika umeakunne from Umudim Nnewi.

According to the security operatives, the duo stole a pregnant goat from one Mrs Roseline Ezekwonna from Eziagulu village And came back on a second missionary journey to steal a second one, the two small goats on Tuesday .


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They succeeded and went to Oye Uga market to sell it, but they were caught by the woman, who raised alarm that attracted the Uga vigilante. The two thieves were  paraded in Ekwulobia. One of them from Eziagulu village collapsed  along the way.
Speaking to some media people after the parade, the Chief security officer of Eziagulu village, comrade Zikora Eze , warned criminal elements to stay away from the village, or suffer the kind of disgrace meted out to the two goat thieves today.

Source – Ilo Okeke (Santa Dominion) and Edited by Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson


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