Chief Dr Ifeanyi Ubah: The Godfather of unfinished businesses-Lord Verbinski

Ifeanyi is a very popular name in Igboland. They are often regarded as stubborn, fearless, driven, goal oriented, focused, successful and have a sleek way with the ladies *winks*

I would know because my name is also Ifeanyi so you see I am talking from experience huh? Lol

We all know Chief Dr Ifeanyi Ubah!

It is a name that rings a bell across the world for various reasons but usually not for the right ones I am afraid and that is where I have a problem because he is from Nnewi same as me!

While we can pretend not to notice that Ifeanyi Ubah has fallen out with all prominent, intelligent Nnewian (his own kinsmen) that has ever worked with or done business with him, we cannot overlook his incredible record of somehow inventing new ways to fail at everything he gets involved in

At the end of the day, he should write a book titled: 1000 ways to fail at everything (based on a true story). It will be a best seller but I am afraid he will not even finish that project if he venturs into it

It is no news that Anambra South is looking to produce a Senator to represent the people as is required by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. So it is not a child’s play neither should it be for the immature, erratic, duplicitous, vengeful

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of who Ifeanyi Ubah truly is

1. Capital Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas is currently the central nervous system of Nigeria and those in the business are not just successful but hugely influential and beneficial to their immediate communities (case in point: Sir Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi, President, NestOil PLC)

Capital Oil and Gas is an empty shell, a name with no substance nor value as we speak. Despite housing tank farms, none of them are in use right now while over 2000 workers (or so they claim), have been sent home for over 1 year now not to mention the backlog of salaries incurred along the way.

That is an abandoned project!

2. Capital Oil Filing stations

It is no secret that Ifeanyi Ubah had filing stations littered all over the country, all of which now have not a single drop of fuel inside nor are they working anymore. As a matter of fact, Capital Oil Filing Station no longer exists with reports suggesting that they have been acquired already by someone else. As a result of that, all pump attendants and staff of the filing stations have too been laid off for over 1yr now not to also mention the backlog of salaries incurred during the period

That is a failed project

3. Nnewi Roman Catholic Cathedral

This one needs no elaboration. In summary, Ifeanyi Ubah tore down a perfectly good edifice and proceeded to construct the tower of Babel in order to spite other Nnewi billionaires by stating that “boys build churches while men build cathedrals”. Suffice it to say that the Bishop of Nnewi Diocese now keeps mass under a makeshift batcher that leaks when it rains while patiently waiting for “the man” to do what men do. It has been over years now and the man is yet to shake body

That is a colossal failed project

4. Gabros FC

In 2015, Ifeanyi Ubah proceeded to venture into football thinking it is a shortcut to becoming Governor of Anambra State not knowing that Sports and Politics never mix. Chief Gabriel Chukwuma (Ogbuefi Nnanyelugo) agreed to sell Gabros FC at a very subsidized figure to his kinsman (or so he thought) only to get duped off his club and received a miserly amount out of the agreed sum of money reached between them. Ifeanyi Ubah went and got a court injunction against Chief Chukwuma and has refused to pay the outstanding amount in order to have full ownership of Gabros FC which he nicknamed FC Ifeanyi Ubah. Today, disgusting tales of non payment of salaries dating as far back as 9 months in some cases to the mass exodus of topnotch players (Super Eagles goalie, Ezenwa being a case in point) to the woeful current state of the club where allegations of contracts are illegally manipulated to exploit the ignorance of young players therein

This is a failed project

5. West Ham deal

Much ado was made about this shady deal back in 2016 which saw a whole lot of jamboree and razzmatazz which added not a single relevance to the community or Nation at all. Despite saying that players will be sent on loan to West Ham and other European Clubs, nothing of that nature ever happened. It turns out that Ifeanyi Ubah simply placed an advert for a limited number of period on the billboards with West Ham United FC, then twisted it and lied to Anambrarians and Nigerians about the true nature of the deal, all in a bid to appear larger than life and perhaps boost his relevance ahead of the last Gubernatorial elections. Well, we all know how that ended. As we speak, the advert duration is expired and nothing happened despite all his boasting and grandiose speeches.

This is a failed project

6. 1F1F

The 1 Family 1 Footballer project was one pitched to us as a scheme to unearth Messis and Ronaldos from Anambra State. To this effect, shops were paid for and branded with the project colors. This was never about discovering Ighalo talk less of Ronaldo but a ploy to scheme for votes during the past Gubernatorial elections which turned out to be a majestic failure (as usual). None of those shops have been opened talk less of used till date. The project turned into sharing of jersey and balls after being contracted as a canvasser during the past Gubernatorial elections

This is a failed project

7. Authority Newspaper

Everybody knows this is a failed project but I just had to remind us

8. Authority Radio

When it was first announced that Nnewi was getting her first ever Radio Station, Nnewians were proud and elated but that changed when they learnt who was behind the project. Many people staked huge bets that this will be another failed project and they were right. Not only did it turn out to be a failed project, it ended up costing the life of a hard working Nigerian, destroyed the home of another (almost killed off the whole family) not to mention the backlog of salaries incurred over the period

This is the mother load of failed projects

9. Anambra State Football Association

We all know Anambra State loves Sports most especially Football. We all know that Football is the only true thing that binds Nigeria together but not in Anambra State under Ifeanyi Ubah. Despite being just 2yrs at the helm (came in controversially in 2016), his tenure has already gone down in history as the most backward, turbulent and vision less era in Anambra State.

This project is beyond failure. I cannot find the right words to describe it. Perhaps Abysmal comes close

A clear failed project

10. Russia Empowerment Program

The World Cup is a global FOOTBALL event to celebrate football and unify the world in the process and meant primarily for football fans not local politicians, oti mkpu and shameless thugs some of whom are even older than Ifeanyi Ubah to participate in. It is has been well over 3 weeks these empowered ones have come back to Anambra State and we are still waiting for the dividends or slightest sign of impact in our society owing to their empowerment. Rather all we see are those same people, begging haplessly for money to meet basic needs and appear worse off than they were prior to this empowerment for how do you take a jobless, unintelligent person out of his world, expose them to something far beyond their reach, imagination and accessibility only to yank them back to the exact same spot you picked them from to begin with and call it empowerment? That is breeding future thieves, yahoo yahoo, scam artists, prostitutes and depressed citizens of Ndi Anambra State. Again this was done with the twisted intention of translating it into votes for the Senatorial seat. We all know how this will end (like all the rest). Imagine for a second Ifeanyi Ubah is representing you as a Senator, you will wake up one day and find out that he has vacated the Senate to setup a shoe manufacturing company in Aba or slaps the Senate President or even punches and blackmails a fellow lawmaker for disagreeing with him (Emeka Onyia, Kamen, #LVBaba et al being cases in point)

Another failed project

11. Blacklisted

Due to the fact that Ifeanyi Ubah is owing billions if not trillions of naira to banks and individuals (subsidy/amcon issue aside), no bank in Nigeria can agree to float him a loan even as little as #100 due to his questionable business practices which many seem to suggest, appears fraudulent

The long history of failed projects led to this

Now knowing all these, seeing how poor and terrible his own workers are, knowing how horrible he is at managing his own private business, are you still comfortable putting your own life, future and destiny in the hands of such a man?

If he can do all these to himself, imagine what he will do to you

Port Harcourt


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