Proposed Refinery In Katsina State: I will Move A Motion To Cancel It -Pharm Ike Klinsman.

Proposed Refinery in Katsina State, If I win House of Representatives seat, I will move a motion in the National Assembly for its cancellatio.

A Refinery in Katsina state is a gross miscalculation of economic investment. It is a plan schemed in antiquity with the aim to destroy our commonwealth. When I get to the national assembly, I will kill this proposal with good reasons

It should be recalled that some weeks ago, President Muhammadu Buhari and his Nigerien counterpart, Mahamadou Issoufou, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the establishment of a new refinery in Katsina State. The proposed facility is to come on stream in the next two years

President Buhari went ahead to constituted a steering committee, chaired by the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, and a senior level joint technical team with a December 2018 deadline for the unveiling of a roadmap for this project

1. Human Capital Investment Angle:

As we already know, crude oil is produced largely in Akwa-Ibom, Delta, Rivers, Bayelsa, Ondo, Edo, Imo, Abia (Niger-Delta states) and Lagos state, not in Katsina State. In most of these states, drilling activities caused oil spills and other environmental issues which have negatively affected Nigerian citizens living in these areas. Most have lost their jobs, their daily bread, their farms and many can no longer fish.

Most of these states are nothing but drilling bases where the crude oil is drilled and taken away. This is wrong. You cannot drill oil in Niger Delta and South East, destroy people’s means of livelihood there and then run to Katsina State to build a refinery. It is wrong

We the Nigerian people want the Nigerian government as well as oil multinational companies in these regions to drill responsibly, create more job opportunities that come from drilling activities there and not run to Katsina State to build refineries and thereby denying oil-producing states jobs and rendering youths jobless in these regions

2. The Economic Angle:

We believe that President Buhari is pursuing this project primarily because he is from Katsina State and not necessarily to move this nation forward. Katsina State is about 1,111.4km from Rivers State an oil producing State. The cost of building a refinery in Katsina State instead of Rivers state far outweigh the benefits.

The Federal Government should, out of strong economic reasons build this refinery in one of the oil-producing states: Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Delta or Bayelsa (which collectively produce 90.1% of the total crude in Nigeria).

President Buhari has failed to explain to Nigerians how he intends to tackle or reduce the cost and dangers associated with transportation of crude oil from Southern Nigeria to Northern Nigeria.

President Buhari has failed to make available to Nigerians the Cost- Benefit Analysis of building a refinery in Imo State for example to building one in Katsina. What are the statistics, which body carried out this analysis and where is the result of this analysis?

President Buhari has failed to explain to Nigerians the Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of building a refinery in Kogi State which is closer to oil- producing states as compared to building one in Katsina. Why Katsina and not Kaduna. Which body in Nigeria or abroad carried out this analysis, where is their result, what are their findings? This is how it is done in advance countries and countries

Again, there are no ports in Northern Nigeria, so how do you sell these products after manufacture. Which seaports are you going to use to export it? Niger-Delta has a Sea Port that can be used on a cheaper cost to export the finished products, compare this with Katsina State and compare the cost of export from these zones. How can Katsina be cheaper to export than Anambra State for example that has River Niger or Lagos state or Rivers State? Why Katsina? Who did the export analysis for you that suggested Katsina, where is the report?

3. The Security Angle:

With the incessant terrorist activities in Northern Nigeria, building a refinery in Katsina or any other Northern state will be a major security challenge. What are the plans of President Buhari to checkmate Boko Haram terrorists from bombing their way into the refinery, take control of it, refine our oil, sell them in the black market and then use it to finance terrorism?

Is this refinery going to be safe from cattle herdsmen who may see a potential goldmine in this (those ones you told us that are from Libya) then go on a killing spree and take over this refinery

In conclusion, building a refinery in Nigeria is good but citing this refinery in Katsina State is not in the best interest of this nation

Therefore when I win election to the House of Representatives, I will move a motion for the cancellation of this refinery in Katsina State period!

Pharm Ike Chinedu Klinsmann

Ohamadike – Dunukofia

Anaocha/Njikoka/Dunukofia Fed Constituency

Anambra State PDP


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