Why Abia Youths Must be Cautious With Social Media Endorsements And Campaigns: We Must Reject The Politics of Opportunism-Njoku Chidiebere C.

1. I am compelled to bare my mind on a very disturbing trend amongst Abia youths which in my estimation- must worry every concerned observer.

2. As many of us have identified and consistently harped on, the biggest culprits for the mess we live with in Abia today are the elites- the big men, the pastors, bishops, traditional rulers and just about anyone who refused to use his voice in protest against the comedy of errors that has gone on in Abia over the last 19 years in the name of governance.
3. The conspirational silence of our big men and women brought Abia to this sorry pass where we now live in awe of the giant infrastructural transformation taking place in Ebonyi state while Abia continues to struggle with payment of salaries and pensions.
4. Abia state is where it is today because while Anambra bishops and priests were saying never again after the horror show Chinweoke Mbadinuju put up between 1999 and 2003, our own clergy men and women were falling over themselves to get invitations to state functions hosted at 29 Nweke Street Aba.
5. I may be wrong here but my conviction is that too many persons in the Abia elite class are cowards. They have refused to upbraid our rulers for their serial wrongs against Abians.
6. Perhaps I should ask again- when last did you hear an Abia “big man” who is not running for office next year condemn the criminal refusal of the Ikpeazu administration to pay salaries and pensions?
7. When last did you hear a wealthy resident of Umuahia speak up against the mountains of refuse that have taken over the state capital?
8. Who in Abia for example can you compare with an Archbishop Obinna in Owerri Catholic Archdiocese? Which of our many timid traditional rulers can stand up to government like Eze Njemanze of Owerri? Who in Abia can do what the likes of Okey Ndibe, Chuks Ilogebunam and co did in Anambra in protest of the antics of some political thugs who wished to make the state their personal fiefdom?
9. Again I say it clearly: Abia elites give no hoot about you and I. The greater majority of them are selfish, uncaring and lacking in empathy for the many afflictions visited on the masses by the criminal leadership we have had since 1999.
10. Moreso the elites in the state are lacking in vision. All they know is how to amass wealth and run elsewhere to enjoy their loot. It has never occurred to them that it was the elites in Enugu, Anambra and Owerri that made those towns what they are today.
11. Why can’t Abia’s rich and connected men work to make Abia great? Why are they content with what is happening in the state and only speak up when they want to vie for an office and fall out with the incumbent and his party?
12. If only Ojo Maduekwe, Ike Nwachukwu, Bob Nwannunnu, Chris Adighije, Adolph Wabara, Vincent Ogbulafor, Onyena Ugochukwu and others had offered a principled opposition against the infantile reign of Orji Kalu or the kleptomania of the Theodore orji era, an Okezie Ikpeazu would NEVER had happened.
13. Now we are here. Elections are around the corner and the vulture-like elites are gathering. They are weighing their chances to know where their bread would be best buttered- would they fare better if they join Mr Ikpeazu or would things look brighter if they stay with the opposition? They are still crossing their Ts and dotting there Is.
14. Now I am by no means against anyone per se. I am only against the politics of opportunism.
15. That is why I am coming with a word of caution for our youths: be mindful of the tricks and games of these men for they hardly care.
16. Do not be in a hurry to share the posters of any politician on your social media wall. Be careful with who you adopt and support for any office.
17. Study them very well, understand their antics, their politics and philosophy, what do they represent, what is their motivations?
18. Find out what they had been known for prior to this time. How many persons have they assisted to reach their dreams and goals? How many persons have climbed on their backs? Do not be afraid to ask questions.
19. We must altogether not throw ourselves at anyone. I instead would insist we speak and stand with the masses, the downtrodden, the deprived and the oppressed.
20. In this political season, be a lead negotiator for your community, your street and your age-mates.
21. Find out the proposition of each of the politicians in terms of jobs, economic empowerment, expansion of economic opportunities, rural infrastructure and much more.
22. Do not fall for the fib that there are no monies in public offices. Nke bu eziokwu bu na ego passa. Many of them are going there for the money and no more.
23. Our duty this time is to make sure that the money that accrue to our state, our constituencies and districts go round as much as possible to everyone. Insist that only someone with a blueprint for wealth re-distribution is supported and elected.
24. Let’s end the elite deception which has gone on for too long now. Abia deserves better and you and I hold the key to making it happen.
Thanks as always for spending your time with me today. Please endeavour to serve God and mankind with everything at your disposal. Humanity deserves your best.
I am njoku chidiebere c
from osisioma ngwa local govt area
abia state
Running for abia state house of assembly osisioma ngwa north state constituency


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