Anambra South Senatorial Election- A Choice Between Perversion And Purpose-Oshime Chijioke Ambrose


When the campaign team of Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah launched ‘Operation Nkusasi’,

it was a matter of time for their nuisance to reach its monstrous peak.

Not very few concerned citizens warned against the deliberate and tactless militarization of our political space. But, just like the stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave, they held on fastidiously to their ill-thought out template.

They abused and attacked every imaginable aspirant, who they believed could put a dent to Dr. Ifeanyi’s ambition. If they were not afraid, the desperation was unforgivable. They attacked Chris Azubogu. They heaped unprintable insults and attack on Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu.

Then, when the Amazon, Amb. Bianca Ojukwu, unveiled her legitimate ambition, their uncircumcised cravings for obscenities supplanted their sense of judgement. And they met their waterloo.

One by one, their superfluous lies are being laid bare. In their own little mental sky, attack is the best form of defense. But how could you defend such fraud allegations made by an Nnewi billionare, Dr. Cosmas Maduka against Dr. Ubah, simply by being hysterical? How could attack absolve them the responsibility of attempting to deceive unsuspecting public with a hoax called ‘One family One footballer?’

How in their tiny imagination did they think that we were interested in their historical revisionism of how it took 40 years to build St. Isaac Cathedral in St. Petersburg? How did it escape their vacuous mind that the tallest building in the whole world, Burj Khalifa, was built in 6 years? How did they want the world to take them serious if they were comparing the time it took to build a Cathedral over 100years ago with a provincial cathedral being built in 2018? Nsogbu dikwa!

As a stakeholder in Anambra South, I was not interested in seeking explanations to these many charades, I was only lured out of my well deserved privacy when the living Symbol of Igbo Civilization, Amb. Bianca Ojukwu, was attacked. I have an obligation, just like every Igbo to protect Bianca.

Fortunately, she is the best qualified in terms of education, character and provable public service record. The decision of Ndi Anambra South to massively vote for her can not be faulted, anyway.


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