“We have zoning agreement in Dunukofia and it was the zoning agreement that produced Hon Law Ezeudu in 2015 . By Emeka Odionu

“It was signed by all the PG’s and Igwes in Dunuofia and recently it was re-published on Vanguard newspaper.

“The zoning agreement favours Umunnachi from 2019 to 2023.
“Umunnachi APGA stakeholders met and Engr Emeka Okonkwo became our consensus candidate.”We expect other political parties to bring out their candidates from Umunnachi.
“Dunukofia ,the sons of Okofia are brothers and we do our things like brothers and anyone who wants to create problem within the system will not succeed.
“Sir NOBERT Obi,my chairman,you know I ve not come here and you will be surprised seeing me here but what brought me here is very serious and important to Dunukofia people .”I came here with the Igwe Emeka Ilouno (Eze Dunukofia na Ifite-Dunu) and other Igwes cabinet from Dunukofia to formally present Engr Emeka Okonkwo (Konti Komplete ) to you as the APGA Umunnachi endorsed candidate and by the grace of God,we expect him to win the primaries and win the general election next year”……..Uzu Okagbue (Chief Protocol Officer to Gov Willie Obiano)

“My friend and brother,Sir NOBERT Obi,am here as the Igwe of Ifite-Dunu and a representative of the Igwe of other towns from Dunukofia to accompany Engr Emeka Okonkwo to get his APGA House of Assembly nomination form.
“There is zoning in Dunukofia.”The incumbent house member ,Hon Law Ezeudu is from town and I stand here to say that the zoning does not favour him for next term.

“Ndiigwe do not play politics but always stand to speak the truth all the time.”We are not saying that other towns may not contest but at the end the zoned town will represent us.
“The zoning is not to Umunnachi APGA but to Umunnachi and we expect Ndi Umunnachi to produce candidates from other political parties ” ………..Igwe Dr Emeka Ilouno (Eze Dunu Ifite -Dunu)

In response ,the state chairman of APGA in Anambra state,Sir Norbert Obi thanked the dignataries that accompanied Konti from Dunukofia to obtain nomination form .
Seeing Uzu Okagbue at the party secretariat shocked me because I can’t remember seeing him here before but that shows how important his visit is ,Ugobuezennunu said.
In conclusion,the party chairman said that this is not the first time he’s heard about the zoning agreement in Dunukofia and that he will do his best to ensure that the zoning agreement signed by Ndi Igwe and PG’s are respected in Dunukofia.

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