A toad ,they say, does not run during the day, unless it’s been chased by something or it’s chasing something .

*The people of Njikoka 1 constituency have praying for a way, out of their current predicaments of under development and negligence .*
*Having evaluated the performance of the incumbent house member, it has become more than urgent to quickly provide a remedy.*
*This has lead the people to look indeptly, in other not to be swayed by sentiment or nepotism.*

*This luminous search for a saviour, lead them to the only man who for years now, have been in the limelight because of his love for the common man but has declined all efforts made by the people to make him represent them in the hallowed chambers of the state house of Assembly because he believed that the time was not ripe.*

*This time around, the true progressive minds in Njikoka 1 constituency made it a priority to see that HON. CHIDI OKOYE represents them.*

HON.CHIDI OKOYE (Ogazi Umunri) believes that public service should be people oriented, thus, his decision to give in ,to the call of the people of Umunri to represent them come 2019 since goodwill has met positive desire.

*Today, he has accepted the genuine call of his people to right all the wrongs unleashed on them.*
*His records of running an all inclusive administration and his undying love for his people are his motivation.*
*He accepted to liberate his people when they unianmously agreed to be the driving force behind his administration.*

His records of being a pacesetter is what makes him outstanding amongst other aspirants.

*Hon. Chide Okoye is a philanthropist who believes that the welfare of his people should come first, before his personal ambitions and comfort.*

He understands the complexity in leadership, thus, his desire to see his people become independent *financially, socially and economically.*
He also understands that *” Umuanna nwezu aku, ilo na asi ana”*
(If wealth is distributed evenly, corruption ,envy and bribery will end) .

*His efforts towards ensuring that the youths of Umunri catchs up with other progressive youths can not be overemphasized.*

*Indeed, the people of Umunri has made the right choice in chosen HON. CHIDI OKOYE to lead the struggle towards the betterment of Njikoka 1 constituency.*



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I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson, a media analyst. Let's hit the globe with current news.

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