Political Thuggery In Anambra State Have Moved From The Use Of Cutlass,Gun, Knives And Axes To The Use Of Mobile Phones And Laptops . – Ebubechukwuzuloke Brown

Political thuggery in Anambra state have moved from the use of cutlass, gun, knives and axes to the use of mobile phones and laptops.

Politicians especially those who are self-serving political nomads with no vision, sense of direction or the moral capacity to stand for anything but themselves mobilize youths to empower them with mobile phones, laptops, power banks, weekly subscription and peanuts in other to enhance their activeness on social media platforms to abuse, insult and denigrate the image of their political rivals or opponent. Their creativity starts and ends in circulation of unfounded news. These youths goes to the extent of using pseudo accounts violently to falsify informations against the opponents of their paymasters. Their lies are deliberate, they fabricate stories to injure individuals, damage reputations and even cause disaffection among the populace.

In the name of social media influencers, these youths are not intellectually sound, they lack the ability to promote the political aspirations of their paymasters, to constructively criticize the candidacy of their political opponent intelligently and also to answer questions without raining abuses and insults.

Unfortunately, because of monetary gains and undue relevance, Instead of politics of ideas and ideology, these youths are are being held down by politics of patronage, identity, bitterness, acrimony and do-or-die which ensures that the same set of politicians, some of them stark illiterates and others who claim to be educated neither possessing knowledge or vision are recycled every election season.

While some will conclude that unemployment, quest for money and relevance may have contributed to this, one thing remains certain, until Nigerians endorse an education which will equip all recipients with the necessary attitudes, knowledge and skills, Nigeria will keep having great moral issues.

Ebubechukwuzuloke Brown
Nnewi, Anambra State.