As long as injustice and inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest and we can’t boast of practicing democracy.

D.N.A federal constituency is made up of DUNUKOFIA, NJIKOKA AND ANAOCHA and the normal thing should have been that the leadership of D. N.A constituency will be rotational between the three local government involved…… But the reverse is the case, the young child Dunukofia have been neglected and cheated…..Take a look at the leadership of D.N.A constituency from 1999 till date😢😢

☔Hon Chukwuemeka chikelu from ANAOCHA from 1999–2003.

☔Hon George Ozodinobi from NJIKOKA from 2003–2007

☔Hon uche Ekwunife from ANAOCHA from 2007–2011,,,

☔Hon uche Ekwunife from ANAOCHA from 2011–2015.

☔ Hon Dozie Nwankwo from NJIKOKA from 2015–till date.

From the above evidence, it’s pitiful and painful that for 20yrs of D. N. A constituency leadership, the young child Dunukofia have been neglected.

IT’S TIME TO RIGHT THE WRONG🙏__ because there is a limit to the amount of incivility and inequality that each individual can tolerate…

Ike Klinsmann Ohamadike a man with a zero record of corruption and a lover of fairness from Dunukofia has offered himself to end the injustice and inequality to the good people of Dunukofia.

It’s DUNUKOFIA turn, support #OHAMADIKE today to return democracy to D. N. A

PDP will take over.


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I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson, a media analyst. Let's hit the globe with current news.

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