Kontiphobia refers to the fear of an icon. It is the condition where some elements are scared of facing Engr Emeka Okonkwo at the primaries.*

*It refers to a situation where some people are scared and intimidated of the rising profile, popularity, goodwill, grassroots appeal and capacity of Engr Emeka Okonkwo .*

*There are people who feel dwarfed and overwhelmed by the sterling qualities and superlative capacity of the young but brilliant politician.*
*persons who messed up the good will of the people.*

*In Dunukofia , other aspirants know that they can’t match his popularity, capacity, political sagacity and grassroots appeal.*

*This informs all the lies being fabricated and circulated against him and his ambition ,the slandering and framing keeps making him more popular.*

*Let me use this medium to debunk all the fake and cheap malicious stories being circulated in the media.*

*Engr Emeka Okonkwo has dwarfed and overwhelmed every other contender and pretender* *for the party’s State legislative ticket.*
*He is loved across party lines, he will win the election for Apga .*

*Dear delegates ,when you hear the lies and propaganda that the Governor and Party Chairman asked Engr Emeka Okonkwo to withdraw or stepdown for the incumbent ,know that the enemies of the masses are at work again.*

*When they tell you that you most support them or your name will be removed as a delegate, don’t mind or fear them, because they don’t have the authority to remove your name, they are just suffering from Kontiphobia*

*Ndi Dunukofia can not reward incompetence with a second tenure.*

Be law abiding, by the grace of God, Dunukofia shall be great again!



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I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson, a media analyst. Let's hit the globe with current news.

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