National Health Insurance Scheme ( NHIS) Boss and Buhari Govt

*National Health Insurance Scheme ( NHIS) Boss and Buhari Govt

… Suspended two times on corruption , brought back twice by Buhari .
*(1)* The Executive Secretary of NHIS Professor Yusuf Usman who was appointed by President Buhari led govt was accused of corruption raging in billions of naira .

*(2)* Minister of Health Isaac Adewole also appointed by Buhari , set up administrative panel to investigate the NHIS boss .
*(3)* The investigative panel found him guilty of allegations of gross misconduct , nepotism , financial recklessness and theft of public funds .

*(4)* On July 2017 , Minister of Health , acting on the report of investigative panel on NHIS boss activities , suspended the NHIS boss .
*(5)* On February 2018 , ‘Mr Integrity’ President Buhari who was out of the country during the panel suspension , returned and reinstated him from suspension even when he was a guest of EFCC .
Who is fighting corruption ?

*(6)* The question is : Why is the Presidency protecting an official of government openly indicted for corruption?
*(7)* On Thursday 18th October , 2018 , NHIC Board after their two days meeting , suspended Professor Yusuf Usman again on corruption related charges .

*(8)* On Monday 22nd October 2018 , the suspended NHIS boss resumed office with over 50 armed policemen .

*(9)* Who gave him policemen ? President Buhari is in charge of Police and by implications backing the suspended NHIS boss .
*(10)* When a Man that promised to fight corruption is protecting his corrupt friends , then Nothing is left in already battered integrity of Buhari regime!

*(11)* Note : NHIS Boss first suspension was approved by Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President, who was acting President when President Buhari was hospitalized in the UK and Buhari came back and nullified it . Who is fighting corruption ?

*(12)* This is a government that defines fighting corruption only when they want to fight political opponents .
*(13)* When a president assumed the Court of law and empowers himself with powers of set aside administrative panel report , then Buhari create and sustain corruption .
*That indicted NHIS boss have to be given 50 policemen to cover his corruption lines, while Nigerian citizens in Kaduna State are killed like fowls without security should get everyone worried !*
*Buhari Govt is just corrupt full stop*


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