How APGA Leaders Raped Female Aspirants In Imo-AIF Media(video)

Abomination: APGA is now a party for evil men.
How APGA leaders raped female aspirants in Imo.

AIF Media

“APGA leaders came to Owerri, lodged in Hotels and raped our women especially female aspirants with promise of giving them tickets” – ex gov Ikedi Ohakim.

I am now ashamed of APGA. Pls watch this video. It is time to banish this current APGA leaders from Igbo land.

We must identity these criminals that went to Imo to rape female aspirants.

If it is not extortion, it is Calabar Shrine oath taking or it is dishonouring agreements reached before church leaders, now it is rape. These are what APGA aspirants went through under Oye and Obiano led APGA.

Why is the Church quiet in the face of all these atrocities committed by APGA leaders against their own members?

Does the church that sees APGA as its affiliate condone the rape, extortion and shrine oath taking been perpetrate in APGA under Obiano and Oye?

Why haven’t Bishops or Rev Fathers who had canvassed for support for APGA in the past elections, condemn this evil acts against APGA aspirants?

Is the church not ashamed of APGA?

Is the Bishop(s) that nominated Ozo Victor Oye as APGA national chairman not ashamed of what he turned APGA into?

Where is Rev Father Ebube Muonso? Can he proudly tell people to vote APGA in this election under this rape, extortion and calabar shrine oath taking allegation?

God will never forgive those that raped our Igbo women in the name of APGA ticket.

Pls share until it gets to all the Bishops, Rev Fathers, all pastors. Send to your church leaders. APGA has committed abomination against our women

Watch the video.

AIF Media


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