From the eyes of someone watching from afar, the mere presence of Bianca Ojukwu in the race to the Red Chambers should be fiat accompli. But not in Anambra State which is considered as one of the most politically exposed states in the country. Iyom Bianca had formidable opposition in Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu and Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah. The duo are nonsense politicians with almost inexhaustible means and solid contacts. They can penetrate deep down in the grassroot, enter any home at anytime and share in every meal no matter how badly cooked. It is called political kerosene. Their ways and kind of politics is the type Iyom Bianca can not and is not expected to play.

But she has many things going for her. For one her natural carriage and charisma is in harmony with the manner she carries herself. The way she selects her words effortlessly portrays someone that is exceptionally intelligent and extraordinarily brilliant. All these combined, coupled with the fact that she has a solid background that makes her to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukachukwu and Ubah. She selects her words carefully yet effortlessly depending on the age of the listeners or audience. For example she meets you one on one, stretch her hands, hold you a little longer, remind you that she is nwunye Nnayi (our Daddy’s wife) and ask you to honour the late Igbo hero -Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu by supporting her.

People that matters in Anambra State including top APGA faithfuls playing leadership roles within and outside the party happily supported her ambition.

Things started getting bad when the rumour came that APGA hierarchy are in support of her and that the Governor H E Willie Obiano asked Dr Ifeanyi Ubah to step down for Iyom Bianca. It was rumour so strong that everyone believed the story. Ifeanyi Ubah demonstrated that he is not someone that can take instruction from anyone, ignored the Governor’s advice and went ahead to distribute campaign vehicles he already purchased to statutory delegates expected to vote at the Senatorial primary. He did not stop there, he went public, disparaged the Governor, accused him of reneging in purported earlier promise to help him (Ubah) get the party’s Senatorial ticket. Ifeanyi Ubah was disrespectful, made up his mind to play spoiler and the party’s Electoral Committee disqualified him and subsequently his name was blotted from the ballot. It thus became a straight fight between Iyom Bianca and Prince Ukachukwu.

From all indication list of adhoc delegates favoured or were made to favour Iyom Bianca, that was a very good and decisive ingredients. Secondly, Ifeanyi Ubah was advised to step down for Bianca as a mark of honour to the late Ezeigbo Gburugburu, another good ingredients at least on paper. But the ingredients became excess when Ubah was disqualified, the best interpretation is that he was disqualified because of Bianca. It is a development Ubah and his inner caucus could not stomach. Ubah decided to play spoiler for Bianca by asking his supporters to vote for Prince Ukachukwu.

If Ifeanyi Ubah was not disqualified, he would have shared the votes of the statutory delegates with Ukachukwu while Iyom Bianca would have enjoyed overwhelming votes of the ad-hoc delegates which will be enough for her to win the party ticket.

I think Bianca is not being fair to APGA leaders and her numerous supporters by her stance. The party tried to help her but they over did it and it back fired. It simply shows that it is not her luck, not her time yet. The best way to respond to this is to remain calm and move on. The good thing is that Prince Ukachukwu is a very good candidate who can win the Senatorial seat for APGA.

Val Iwuchukwu (Ezeugomba) writes from Ozubulu, Anambra State.


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