Change is important because it inspires new hope and engender new faith in all human endeavours. Mere thought of the 2019 general elections and possibility of voting out some politicians and effect changes in different facets of our national lives is sufficiently gratifying. It produces energy and makes one to dream for change and the opportunity to turn that dream to reality. Change is necessary in our country because without change we may not have known of Dasukigate. Change in 2019 will definitely open many gates and subsequent change and change again until we get it right will eventually purge Nigeria of bad leadership.

All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) as the third most influential political party in Nigeria have roles to play to achieve the desired change and be part of the alliance in the government at the center come next year. In the past three consecutive presidential election, the party have consistently made the costly mistake of not fielding a Presidential candidate and on top of that, go far to adopt a Presidential candidate of another political party as theirs. It is a strategy that is injurious to her growth because it has badly reduced APGA’s chances of playing in the national frontier. A situation whereby half literate voter is advised to vote for APGA for National Assembly and vote for another party for President can be confusing. Majority got it muddled up resulting to several invalid votes and a situation whereby the party with the Presidential candidate takes undue advantage.

On the 16th day of February, 2019 Nigerians will vote for the President, Senate and House of Reps the same day. The three ballot papers will be given to the voters to caste in which mix up may be possible. When the voters were educated to vote for Cock in National Assembly ballot and Umbrella or Broom for Presidential ballot, confusion as to which is which will set in. Possibility of voting for the wrong candidate or party is higher than in a situation whereby one simply votes for a particular political party through out.

Happy enough APGA have a good Presidential candidate in Maj Gen Gbor (rtd) and Dr Chukwuke as running mate, they could be President and Vice President respectively.

The strategy should be to give no room for error and that is to vote massively for APGA candidates at every level including the Presidential election, thereafter, we see how it goes.

APGA basking on the electoral victory of last November popularly known as 21 over 21, it can be replicated in 2019 in Anambra State and beyond. Success leaves track and if we do in Imo, Abia and other South East states exactly what we did in Anambra last year, we will achieve the same good result. It is achievable especially now that many big boys even non politicians have come to accept APGA as nke ayi. The result may be that at the end, no candidate will meet the constitutional requirement to be returned as President elect.

The 1999 Constitution of Nigeria states a presidential candidate will be duly elected after attaining both the highest number of votes cast, and having received at least a quarter of the votes in each of at least two thirds of the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)

In a situation whereby no candidate wins out rightly, bye election becomes inevitable, the two leading political parties that will qualify for bye election will seek for accord, to merge with APGA in a political marriage of convenience. You scratch my back and I scratch yours and as a *beautiful bride* APGA will chose between the two parties which has a better offer and move on.

2019 election when managed properly will provide the best opportunity for APGA to grow and be part of the government of national unity.


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I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson, a media analyst. Let's hit the globe with current news.

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