“Suffer not a foolish relation to express his fooly where your own sanity would be called to question.”

The recent provocations and incitements by some microscopic and unknown social media handlers, to this growing ‘ tumor’ of the Aguleri politicians, calling on non indigenes of the State to vacate their cyber space inter alia, Anambra State and their source of livelihood here, has been a joke to far. What made them to have called for an exodus of law abiding and fellow citizens resident in the State, is still shrouded in mystery.

When the Oba of Lagos, made a similar hate comments against the Igbo Nation, at the build up towards the 2015 general elections, the condemnations from far and wide that greeted it, forced him to tender a warm apology and retract his earlier speech.

Now, Anambra State has shifted from being the pride of the Nation to promoting a Satanic agenda. How can a few, who lacks the knowledge of both the Nigerian and Anambra State history, be making inciting comments, capable of throwing us all into chaos, and yet are allowed to continue with their tantrums, without strong condemnations from the State Government, on the dangers it portends to democracy?

If this inciting comments can be traced to Governor Willie Obiano social media Supporters, and he, Governor, would not condemn it in stronger terms, then Obiano has failed in both his constitutional and moral responsibilities as the Chief Executive of the State, as well as a Father. Such public incitements would not only cause disaffections in some quarters, but is capable of crippling the economic cohesion of the State.

For instance, Ebonyi indigenes, residing in Anambra State, has been a steady pool, where the labour force, on menial jobs, that are demeaning to some people, are fetched. They have contributed immensely to the success stories recorded by the State, in terms of revenue generations, transport business and Sanitary exercises.

The SA to the Governor on Media, Mr James Eze, from Enugu State, has been the good spirited image maker of Governor Willie Obiano administration and Anambra State in general. He promoted and diffused mounting doubts against the administration. He professionally managed all media slingshots aimed to sabotage the works of his Principal.

When Csp.James Nwafor (rtd), an indigene of Ebonyi State, held sway as Commander SARS, he fought kidnappers and armed robbers to standstill, then Anambra State was at the grip of violent crimes and total security meltdown. He must have been doing his job, as some will allege, but it takes strong determination and will power to confront such daredevils, never adding his profound love for the State in seeing it rid of criminal elements. “Anambrarians began sleeping with their two eyes closed.”

Elections in Anambra State, especially the last gubernatorial, of which the Most publicized 21/21 gibberish came about, got it’s uncompromising block votes from non-indigenes of the State especially the Ebonyi State Indigene which won them victory. Governor Willie Obiano, prior to the elections, made a passionate appeal with cash and vehicle donation to the community of Ebonyi people in the State for effective mobilization while begging for their votes and supports before Nov 2018 election. His wish was granted without any form of betrayal or request for automatic tickets or greed of any kind.

It is on record that the first specialist clinic in a NAUTH Ukpo for Sickle Cell patient in the State was initiated, engineered, Celebrated and brought to reality by a non-indigene of the State. Governor Willie Obiano, who promised to build three Specialist Hospitals for Sickle Cell victims, in the three Senatorial Districts of the State, an Ambulance and a Bus through Dr.Joe Akabuike, for long now, has be ‘wobbling’ on that promises, while deaths and sufferings of Sickle Cell victims kept increasing.

As the National Coordinator of Association of Persons Living with Sickle Cell Disorder, with Anambra State in focus, I have been Successful in paying the government School tuition fees of about an average of 50 Sickle Cell Victims each year, and for four years now. Not counting the Specialist Clinic at Ukpo, and the Vocational center at Nanka initiated and set up by me. If I may ask candidly, how many Anambrarians has done such in my own Ebonyi State, Kano State or Imo State where I have my strong ties?

It is also disheartening to note, that among members of APLSCD in Anambra State, power at corridor   and Aguleri in particular, are the worst off in terms of appearances, unhealthy living and cleanliness, they always look haggardly and sickly, and if I am annoyed further or pushed to the wall, I will start publishing their sorry state to the entire world!
“What has the political elites from that zone done to help this people who might even be related to them”?

“Why hasn’t the present Administration deemed it expedient to pass the Sickle Cell Law? or even be merciful enough to grant them mobility (Bus) to attend their welfare meetings and medical Clinics? What are they benefiting in the deaths and miseries of Sickle Cell Victims”?

For the avoidance of doubt, for posterity, and for human conscience sake, I would like to make some few clarifications.

  1. Governor Willie Obiano, has one time, gave the Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder, the sum of #1m, which would have been silenced into the private pockets of some unscrupulous Government aids in the ministry of health headed by Joe Akabuike, if not for my alarm and the timely intervention of good men like Apga Alaigbo and Victor Eneh, who went to publish and expose them in various social media.
  2. The cheque from the Governor was never drawn in my personal names, Aisha Edward, but rather Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder. APLSCD, is structured with it’s Chairman, Board of Directors, and Chaplains, and any kobo that comes in and out is duly registered and accounted for.
  3. Governor Willie Obiano’s #1m, was part of the money used in paying the School tuition fees of some indigent members of APLSCD, and other welfare packages, at St Joseph Catholic Church Ekwulobia after our Thanksgiving mass as at that time in 2016.
  4. Rumour peddler Emeka Odionu, a media aid to the Governor, and his likes, has been circulating falsehood that I personally received the sum of #3m from his Excellency. This has been a deliberate attempt to defame my person, and tarnish my hard earned reputation as a Moral Mentor, and also to cause anxiety within APLSCD. His Excellency should hold Emeka Odionu responsible to account for any #3m, that must have exchanged hands in the guise of helping APLSCD.
  5. The same Emeka Odionu, has been running about, like one suffering from bowel dysfunctions, spreading hate about the nobles ideals of APLSCD. He has countless of times, made some derogatory and scathing remarks on the respected leaders of APLSCD, threatened to Assault us if we don’t leave your campaign office in 2017 when they came to give their solidarity support to APGA because of their perceived effort on Sickle Cell Law, Calling them beggars, and raining all manner of insults.

Sincerely speaking we are the butt of Emeka Odionu’s mischievous jokes, because we are fighting to improve the living conditions of Sickle Cell victims in Anambra State and help sensitize the general public on gender compatibility. The deputy director Protocols, to the Governor Obiano, one Ngozi Osy Agbata, also joined in this infamous campaign to muffle our legitimate agitations, and cause us damage, by tagging APLSCSD, A National recognized body, to be a scam; This Unfortunate incidence happened in the Presence of Mr Primus Odili, The Chief of Staff who met me in tears and did verbally but hypocritical apologized for the show of shame, yet we kept our Cool.

  1. People living with Sickle Cell Disorder, has suffered untold hardships, neglects and exploitations from our political leaders and the wider public in general. These supposedly leaders, degrade, and reduce us into believing that we are to be considered abominable in this life.

Anambra State as a functioning component of the Nigerian Federation, belongs to us all by Right, and to challenge a particular Section, to vacate the State is not only ridiculous, but an affront to the tenets of democracy and citizenship Rights. Any person or group of persons making such unsavoury remarks and comments, should as a matter of fact, retraced his or her steps, tender an unreserved apology to the general public, or be invited by the police or other law enforcement agencies, for questioning.

Our collective contributions is what will ensure proper and steady economic growths, in building the better society our Children will be happy to live and be proud of

I pray not to be provoked further to avoid going berserk with some shocking revelation. Enough of the marginalization and dehumanization of Non indigene in Anambra State.

Aisha Edward.
National Coordinator.


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