“Wither Moral Conscience.”

Et tu, Brute? is a Latin phrase meaning “even you Brutus?” It is notable for its occurrence in William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, where it is spoken by the Roman dictator Julius Caesar to his friend Marcus Junius Brutus at the moment of Caesar’s assassination. Wikipedia.

Same scenario applies in Anambra State today, when “Moral Conscience” with a pained eye, have stared the leadership of NUJ in the face, and with quivering lips “Et tu NUJ?”

It is not wrongful to expect a renowned assemblage of reputable journalists in Anambra State, towards their 2018 Press Week; but to have Chinedu Obidigwe as the Chairman of that event, falls short of all intelligent expectations and moral rectitude on the part of the organisers and the Event proper.

In a letter headed paper, dated 1 Nov. 2018, with ref. No NUJ/AN/COR/3/60, and signed by the NUJ Chairman and Secretary respectively, inviting the Aguleri alleged thug to chair an intellectual gathering, on the Theme; Party Politics, Hate Speech and the Media; Should be likened to inviting a “military dictator, to chair a lecture on building the tenets of democracy!”

Such an invite, has not only succeeded in making mockery of the Event Theme, and the discussions, but has thrown more light on the intellectual deficiencies and moral bankruptcy of the organisers.

Just recently, it was the National Association of Nigerian Student, NANS, taking the role of media assistants of Chinedu Obidigwe, to champion his fading popularity, at the height of the Eneh abduction saga; Now NUJ has given us the impression that ‘although the pen can be mightier than the sword, a cheque booklet is the mightiest of them all!
“There was a bug called Cash and Carry.”

How can any reasonable and intelligent conscious mind, sit for hours and hear Chinedu Obidigwe rail against hate speech as an impediment to a successful free and fair 2019 general elections? Is Chinedu Obidigwe not ladened with guilt? in making hate speech against his real or imagined political foes? The same person Who openly led an evil Protest with some ignorant and jobless people, to malign and abuse a former Governor of the State, HE Peter Obi? and his media mafians /warriors /foot soldiers are devotedly damaging any eminent personalities who are opposition and perceived political rivals?

How can NUJ, after long considerations and suggestions from different quarters, settled with the very Controversial man, as it’s Chairman for the 2018 Press Week, to discuss hate speech and how it effects democracy?

It would have been quite understandable, if Chinedu Obidigwe had been made to Chair any of the NUJ’s launching occasion, where Naira can rain freely, that which is typical of our public officials, Our moral antenna wouldn’t have been so buzzing with apprehensions, than having him to Chair an Event of such an intellectual proportion.
“The bull finally succeeded in making itself into a China shop.”

What has he got to offer the public on telling them to discard hate speech and embrace good sportsmanship during elections? How can his recent abduction case with a media personality, Mr Victor Eneh, sit well within his stony heart, as he opens his Chairman’s remark on that occasion?

NUJ Anambra State chapter has failed in its professionalism, in ensuring that sound Characters, are brought to enlighten and educate appropriately, in their 2018 Press Week.

Nigeria Institute of Public Relations, NIPR, should as a matter of fact, be relied on to provide the needed professional journalistic charisma for our teeming young journalists. They should take the lead in informing and enlightening the general public on sensitive issues, bothering on humanity and morality like Genetic Education and Compatibility before marriage which NUJ relegated to the background for online bloggers. They should also help in investigating and drawing the attentions of all authorities to Signing the Sickle Cell Bill into Law as a matter of Urgency, Since there is no money to facilitate the sponsorship of that Bill.

Social Media is another rich pool, where information and educative submissions can be arrayed for public consumptions. But more is need to properly sanitize and regulate it’s functions to guard against abuses of different source.

And to the invitees of NUJ 2018 Press Week, Chaired by Chinedu Obidigwe, I humbly advice that people find more meaningful activities for their precious time.

“The pen still is the mightiest”

@Aisha Edward
Center for moral Mentorship.

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I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson, a media analyst. Let's hit the globe with current news.

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