The family of  Ikechukwu Nwosu in Obiuno Otolo Nnewi in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State, is ready to challenge one of their daughters, Mrs Chinwe Chukwudolue, in the court of law, following public embarrassment she caused the family at the burial of their son, late Mr Sunday Nwosu, who was buried on Saturday, November 24.

Mrs Chukwudolue, during the burial of her elder brother, Sunday Nwosu, on Saturday, opened the casket and shouted to the wider world that what was put into the casket was not the body of her late brother, Sunday, but a wooden image.

The story and video of the dramatic funeral went viral, causing untold embarrassment to the family.

Somto Chidera, a nephew to Mrs Chukwudolue, told Anaedooline that the embarrassment will cost the woman dearly, both physically and spiritually; adding that the family may contemplate dragging her to court for alleged defamation of character.

He said the body of his uncle, Sunday Nwosu, was in the mortuary of the Diocesan Hospital, Nnewi, close to three years; stressing that no corpse will remain in the mortuary for such long period without changing form.

He said further: “Two weeks before the burial, my father gave her invitation card for the burial ceremony. She did not care to come and know how preparations were going; neither did she call on the phone.

“This wicked woman did not contribute any kobo for the burial ceremony of her brother or give help in any form.

“On the day of the burial ceremony, she didn’t go to the mortuary to accompany my father to bring the corpse of her brother, Sunday Nwosu. My family paid N399,720 as the mortuary fee at Akwudo Hospital Mortuary, Nnewi.

“During the time the coffin was opened, this wicked woman went straight to it, tore the coffin and started shouting; shaking the coffin and lifting the corpse, saying that my daddy craved a wooden image, and said it was his brother. We wanted to act but people told us to leave her so that the burial would go without hitches”.

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