A Touching Act Of Fondness As Hon Lawrence Ezeudu Furnished NAWGU Civic Center(Pictures/Videos)

The Feeling Among The Grass-roots Of Our Great Party APGA Were gripped with Tears of Joy As Hon Lawrence Ezeudu (Chief Whip) visited NAWGU on Monday IMG_20181126_150834.

Earlier this week , Hon Lawrence Ezeudu, member representing Dunukofia Constituency at Anambra state House of assembly in company of Apga Dunukofia Executives, TC of Dunukofia Hon Uche Umerie and his campaign team storm NAWGU community on Monday as part of his community out reach.

Firstly, the PG of NAWGU Engr Innocent Ikechebelu welcomed Hon Lawrence Ezeudu in a peculiar way and and quote

“I want to thanked Gov Willie Obiano, Our great party APGA and Hon Lawrence Ezeudu (Chief Whip) Anambra state for their gigantic support to our community because within this three years so many things has happened, within this three years, our electricity was restored, Civic center was build, Afor market, health center and Post office were established by our Governor and within this three, Hon Lawrence Ezeudu furnished our civic center with modern facilities, such as , Fridge, Fans, Chairs, Television etc, all this marvelous development happened at my regime as the PG of NAWGU.Hon Lawrence Ezeudu, I assure you that NAWGU will give you their 200% votes in 2019 election(Endorsement), you will return to Anambra state house of assembly for second tenure, whether Satan like it or not”.

HRH George Okaa Onwuogu , who earlier performed the breaking of Kolanut as in accordance with the tradition of our people, also expressed his gratitude to Hon Lawrence Ezeudu, Our great party APGA for remembering ndi NAWGU with tremendous development as his hard working and staunch PG mentioned earlier,also beseeched Chief Whip of Anambra State House of Assembly for more constituency project because the secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow and 2019 my people will follow you.
Hon Lawrence Chukwunwike Ezeudu took his turn and thanks HRH George Okaa Onwuogu , the PG Engr Innocent Ikechebelu , Our great party APGA, number one Citizen of Dunukofia, Hon Uche Umerie (Lake). He thanked the good people of NAWGU in a special way for trusting and the mandatum they gave to him in 2015, explained the duty of a legislature to them. He went further and said that furnishing Civic Center was in agreement with the PG and Igwe that their idea is exquisite and it’s also part of his constituency project,he narrated the stumble block(story) behind the completion of Borehole water at ward 2 and also promise ndi NAWGU that before 25th of December that they use the borehole water to celebrate Xmas.
Finally, Ndi Nze na Ozo, youth leader and woman leader thanked Hon Lawrence Ezeudu for his For his August visit to Ndi NAWGU, they ask almighty God to grant his heart desire.

My good people of Dunukofia Constituency, the current Chief Whip of Anambra State House of Assembly is a creative man that is always motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others and that’s reason many greedy politicians and Godfathers find it difficult to understand , subdue (pedal) or witch-hunt him because his target is to provide the NEED of our constituency not WANT.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”l and I feel that the most important requirement in success is learning to overcome failure, Hon Lawrence Ezeudu has learned to overcome failures and distractions from Intruders in Apga and he also learned to tolerate it, but never accept it.
One good turn deserves another, Ndi Dunukofia constituency speaks with one voice.

Dunukofia is APGAD.
I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson (John The Baptist) writes from NAWGU, Anambra state.

Hon Lawrence Ezeudu 

Hon Lawrence Ezeudu addressing ndi NAWGU, Dunukofia LGA 

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