Coquettes Like Hon. Nonso Eze Hiding behind Engr Arthur Eze to perpetuate the stranglehold On Dunukofia politics

Coquettes like Nonso Eze are hiding behind Engr Arthur to perpetuate their stranglehold on Dunukofia Constituency and it is a sad development. Like grand masters of the game , they coquettishly orchestrate a back-and-forth movement between hope and frustration to the bewilderment of the masses.

They (Nonso and his cohorts) bait with promise of reward, the hope of physical pleasure, happiness, fame by association, power-all of which , however, proves elusive; yet this only makes their targets pursue them more.

Coquettes appear self-sufficient. They do not need you, they seem to say, and their narcissism proves devilishly attractive.

You want to conquer them but they hold the cards. The strategy of the coquette is never to offer total satisfaction.

Imitate the alternating heat and coolness of the coquette and you will keep the seduced at their heels.

A famous author of a classical book assisted me in describing who Nonso Eze is and his mission to use the influence of Engr Arthur Eze to destroy Dunukofia Constituency.

Let me ask, who got Hon Nonso Eze deluded that he won the APGA primary election in Dunukofia Constituency? What is his motivation for fighting our great party APGA and the entire Constituency?

I am making it clear to both friend and foe I am number one fan of Engr Arthur Eze; I do celebrate him often on Social Media. A man with a golden heart, down to earth and humane should not get it wrong when it comes to Dunukofia affairs all because of some disgruntled psychophants in the guise of his political advisers.

Engr Arthur Eze is adored today by these elements because of his generous disposition and content laden pocket. He now becomes their parvus deus ( small chi) because they delight in deceptive milking.

Let me inform our great man, Engr Arthur Eze, to note that these men of Lilliput, these political jobbers are all wolves in sheep’s clothing bent on spoiling your good name and image.

These men fight Hon. Law Ezeudu because he bluntly refused to share constituency money to them. As the chief whip of the State Assembly our law maker chose to embark on laudable and verifiable projects spiced with practical attention to human development in every town within the constituency.

In consequence and in total recognition of his developmental strides, the entire APGA Dunukofia elected him as their candidate for Anambra State House of Assembly, Dunukofia Constituency, 2019.

One good turn, they say, deserves another.

Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson(John The Baptist) ….hails from Umudioka,Dunukofia…

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I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson, a media analyst. Let's hit the globe with current news.

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