Ukpo Community Jubilating as Hon Lawrence Ezeudu commissioned d Historic Water Project(Pictures/Videos).

On Tuesday 5th December, 2018, O Hon Lawrence Ezeudu(Chief Whip Anambra State House of Assembly were in the company of Apga Dunukofia Executives Cum Faithfuls led by Chairman of the party, Hon Vincent Ezennia(Sappa), TC of Dunukofia Hon Uche Umerie and his campaign team stormed Iruagu (Oranto) Ukpo community on Tuesday and commissioned historic Water Project as part of his constituency project.

The PG Of Ukpo Hon Vincent Oyilagu (Former/2nd Deputy Chairman Dunukofia LG), had earlier welcomed and performed Breaking of Kolanut in accordance with our tradition, commended Hon Lawrence Ezeudu for his good deed to his community, most especially the residents of this particular village, Iruagu Oranto, he went further and stated that he(Chief Whip) has given them LIFE because water(H2O) is a source of LIFE quoted that “No water, no life. No blue, no green” .He prayed to almighty God to reward him in hundredfold and also assured him the votes of ndi Ukpo and the Chairman of Oranto Village,Oranto vill Chairman Chief Sunday Nwachukwu also expressed his gratitude to Hon Lawrence Ezeudu in similar with PG that Clean drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle because Water is life, and clean water means health. also said that “COME WHAT MAY ” that Hon Lawrence Ezeudu will return for Second tenure in 2019.Others dignities who thanks Hon Lawrence Ezeudu and assure him 100% Ukpo votes were Iruagu-Oranto Chairman Chief Johnson Ezego ( Akuezuluozo), (school Boy),Hon Olisa Aniekwena (Chinetugo)LG Coordinator Vuco(Ohamadike) Dunukofia North, DG Hon Ezeudu primary election team.

Hon Lawrence Ezeudu reminded them that when he came to Oranto, Ukpo to campaign in 2015, he noticed that some people living around this area does lacks table water and I promised to provide it to them because “Voting is the right of electorates , but it is also our responsibility because if we don’t take the next step and elect leaders who are committed to building a better future for our kids, other rights clean water, health, and prosperity “

He eulogies them for giving him their mandate in 2015 and urge them to vote him in 2019 for betterment of our constituency. He then handed Commissioned and handed it to them with a Generator.


PG Ukpo 
Hon Lawrence Ezeudu and Ukpo Community PG commissioning the water project 
Apga Dunukofia Chairman Hon Vincent Ezennia (Sappa) Testing the water 
Hon Lawrence Ezeudu officially handing the water project to Ukpo community 

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