………………….. “Gov. Dave Umahi’s Adoration Ministry Donation on my mind”

When Gov Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State gave the Proprietor and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, one thousand bags of rice and one thousand tubers of yam in its annual harvest Thanksgiving and Bazaar ceremony, the whole congregation erupted in wild jubilation.

Firstly, we will commend Gov. Dave Umahi, being a Pentecostal, to have extended such a huge generosity on the Catholic Church. Such inter religious magnanimity should be encouraged by all. But the apparent political motives and colourations attached to such gifts must be condemned.

We are nearing an election year, and politicians in their usual manner of politicking and trying to outwit one other to cart home the people’s votes, are now more pronounced in their charitable activities.

Or how could one explain such a large donation of foodstuffs from the Executive Head of one of the most impoverished and educationally backward States in Nigeria?

‘‘Gov Dave Umahi must not have been on a spending spree already, from the N1 billion re-election campaign funds made available to him by Prince Eng. Arthur Eze recently.’’

Ebonyi People will try hard and overlook the high amount of donated foodstuffs by their Governor to Fr.Ejike Mbaka, but would not allow the building of any project in Enugu State with our Commonwealth.

If only Gov. Dave Umahi would attract Fr. Mbaka to Ebonyi State and help him with the needed funds to establish an Adoration Center which many especially the Catholics would wish, where Ebonyi indigenes can as well worship without having to travel long distances into Enugu State, and also become direct beneficiaries to the Employment Opportunities, Schooling programmes and Health Services that will be accrual if such projects are located within the State. The people of Ebonyi State would love him more for this, and he will no doubt succeed as Governor.

We are not against any charitable efforts of his Excellency on any particular organization, but we will be concerned in what capacity, As a State Governor or as a Private Citizen.

There are nagging issues begging for attention, as it concerns the economic welfare of the State. Taking money meant for the administration and economic empowerment of the State to develop activities in another State is unjustified in whatever guise.

A news media quoted Fr. Mbaka as saying ‘‘ Umahi donated 1,000 bags of rice and 1,000 tubers of yam to us, but it meant nothing to me until he handed N10 million cheque to me and promised to build a project for the ministry.

Since Adoration Ministry Enugu, is now a ground for political endorsements, It will go down well with everyone if the donations made therein are from personal wealth and not with public funds.

Gov Dave Umahi is yet to build a hut for the impoverished Sickle Cell victims in the State nor has it been in family succour agenda after several appeal to the office of her excellency through her principal secretary Mr Obasi, where they can be properly managed by professionals and experts in the field. Sometimes one wonders what family succor could be all about without dealing with the dangers and threats of the dreaded genotype incompatibility in Ebonyi State that requires Genetic Education?

As the Chief Executive, Gov. Umahi is expected to bring all hands on deck for an effective onslaught against Sickle Cell Disorder in the State.

Ebonyi people must keep watchful eyes on all their public office holders and ensure that they don’t go jamboree with our collective wealth this election season.

While we cannot compromise our support for Gov. Dave Umahi he should also be very sensitive to our collective feelings and yearning for a true and sincere governance for the masses devoid of classical and seasonal deceit.

Aisha Edward
Center for Moral Mentorship.

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