Our attentions has been drawn to the activities of fraudsters/rituals in Anambra state and it’s environs .

According to a young lady (Name withheld) a young man walked into her shop one hot afternoon in Awka the State capital and told her that the government of Anambra state was sharing mosquito nets and they where asked to go round the whole state and get the actual no of people in the state so to enable the government know the quantity of nets to be made available for distribution .
According to her, the man asked for a sheet of paper and a pen,he inscribed somethings on it, signed his signature and handed the paper over to her with instruction that she presents it to his colleagues when they get to her shop and two nets will be given to her..

Just about then he grabbed her hand brought out syringe and attempted to take her blood sample. She quickly withdraw her hand from him and asked him why she would need a blood sample before she could pick a net and he said the government wants a random check of individuals in Anambra state to know who is sick and that the result will come along with the net.
She refused, saying she just got tested . After serious arguments the man got angry and went away.

By this post I want to notify the general public that the government of Anambra state does not share mosquito net street by street, rather nets are distributed in health centre at a designated time and proper announcements are made using local town criers to notify the community.

Please share this post widely to warn others and please when such individuals is spotted anywhere around the state, hold them and report to the necessary authorities or hand over them over to the police.
Gwazikwa ndi yadi gi.

Hon Princess Bibiana Nwankwo
SA community
Ada Apga

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I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson, a media analyst. Let's hit the globe with current news.

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