Matter Arising :Review And Advancement Of Our Political Jurisprudence In The Days Of Dr Rich Egenti (PhD); Matters Arising.

(1) Can an appeal panel report of the PDP NWC declare someone a winner of a primary and returned as candidate for the 2019 General election while a few people sitting in the living room cocort a result sheet, thereby sent another name to INEC ?

(11)Can a person who is not party to a ruling claim to have won a ruling he is not party to? PDP vs Rich Egenti & INEC was struck out for been incompetent thereby awarded rich Egenti & INEC 1million to be shared among them. How does that constitute a judgement in favor of ayika?

💧The PDP appeal was equally struck out as well as Rich Egenti suit at the lower Court.

(111) if the Appellant appeal ,the lower court suit and everything was struck out, what then is the status quo?

(1V)Could the status quo be the PDP appeal panel report of the NWC declaring Egenti winner and returned as candidate for the 2019 election or the forwarding of Ayika,s name to INEC which inec refused to upload on the ballot up to the election of 23rd Feb 2019!

(V)If a returning officer of the an election PROF RAPHAEL NNAJI FOR OKIGBO refuses to declare a name against PDP 3days after a general election ; who has the power to decide who the candidate is? Is it the tribunal , political party or INEC ?

(VI) Which is final between an appeal panel report of the NWC of a party or a concorted result sheet at a primary election? Can the NWC of a political party be talking from two sides of it’s mouth? At one end declared someone winner and candidate and in another instance send another person’s name to INEC?

The tribunal shall tell us the answer!

(VII) Is there a material difference between struck out and dismissed in law ???? Can you refile another suit if your former suit was struck out cos you didn’t file on time within 14days of your cause of action or you are banned for life from refiling especially where the parties in the new suit are different and when the supreme Court didn’t decide who the PDP candidate was? The tribunal shall tell us.

(VIII) Can a candidate who was not declared winner by INEC represented by a returning officer turn arround and issue a certificate of return to same candidate 5days after a general election without recourse to the circumstances leading up to the election.

(IX) Can a political party which came 2nd approach a court for redress especially where no candidate was declared winner in PDP who won the election ?

Why did the returning officer not declare a name in front of PDP as the winner of the election?

The decision of the returning officer in all matters election is final until changed by a competent court or tribunal

(X) The political jurisprudence of DNA shall be enhanced after the learned men of the tribunal proffers answer to the puzzles and the answer may send shock wave in anambra politics for years to come. The students of politics shall dwell on these postulations as we patiently await the answers in weeks to come.

I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson (Chief Priest) Reporting From Awka.


I Will Come And Testify That Richard Egenti Won DNA PDP PRIMARY ELECTION-Pharma ike chinedu klinsmann

I have been getting numerous calls concerning the PDP stand-off in Anaocha/Njikoka/Dunukofia Fed Constituency after the PDP primaries and this is my position for the records.

You see, God has his own way of fighting his battles.

Ayika thought that stealing the primary with money he paid to the state PDP leadership will give him victory. His problem has not even started. We are still in Genesis

They don’t even know how to cheat, very fraudulent people (Val and his state PDP cohorts)

PDP sent a ballot paper from Abuja containing my real name Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu.

The mischevious fellows went to a business center in Awka and produced their own ballot paper writing Ikeagwuonwu klinsmann because that was the name on my poster as they don’t know my real name.

Val Ayika paid huge sum of money to the state PDP and they smuggled the ballot papers they marked for Val into our primary at Abagana and inserted many of them there. As far as I and my team are concerned, the PDP primaries at Abagana that day was inconclusive and the PDP appeal panel said so. That PDP primary did not produce any candidate that day and Valentine Ayika is a fraud.

Now God is coming to punish them. Onye buru chi ya Uzo ogbagbuo onwe ya n’oso

You see, I don’t want to join issue with their nonsense. I am a pharmacist and God has blessed me. I decided to focus on my profession and return back to Sweden and left everything in the hands of God

For our information, I Ikeagwuonwu chinedu KLINSMANN is supporting Richard Egenti 100%. If the tribunal calls me, I will come and testify that Richard Egenti won. You heard me right, yes Richard Egenti won, that was what PDP appeal told us after the primary

I went to appeal against Val Ayika with Richard Egenti and the PDP appeal panel declared Egenti winner of the primary and not Val Ayika and I am ready to spend millions of naira to send that intruder Ayika back to Enugwu ukwu period.

As far as I am concerned Richard Egenti won and he will defeat Ayika at the tribunal. Amen

Pharma ike chinedu klinsmann
Ohamadike Dunukofia

Meet Aghahowa Beth, She Is A Nurse And A Furniture Maker

A Nigerian lady identified as Aghahowa Beth on Facebook has many social media users in awe after proving that she is in fact, a superwoman.

The young lady who is a nurse shared photos of herself doing furniture work and revealed that she is not only a caregiver but also a furniture maker, a proud feminist and graphic designer. She stated all of her competences and many immediately believed that the sky is truly the limit for anyone. Gone are the days when certain things are regarded as a man’s job. These days, women are beginning to find value in getting their hands dirty and creating unique things.

One of such women is the multi-talented Beth, whose approach to life and business is nothing short of inspiring.

From the photo, Beth, can make beautiful bed frames, using quality products and has demystified the myth that women cannot do such energy-draining work.

DNA federal constituency The real truth!

(1) primary Election was held on 3rd Oct 2018 at abagana but prior to that the state chairman of PDP had changed the returning officer of the primary purportedly to favour valentine ayika.

The initial venue of the election was also changed to favour Ayika.The purported delegate list was also changed to favour Ayika as well. There were multiple thump printing of ballot papers , multiple voting and vote buying by the Njikoka delegates.

Thereafter Hon Egenti ,Hon Adilieje and Hon kinsman discovered that the primary was actually taking place at another location in abagana with the proper delegate list. At the end of voting Egenti won the election

Val Ayika having paid his way through with the state chapter of the party had his way.

Dr Egenti quickly petitioned the Electoral Appeal panel set up by the NWC of the party
It is also important to note that Hon klinsman also petitioned the appeal panel of PDP complaining bitterly that there was a kangaroo primary conducted by the state chapter of pdp where vote buying and multiple thump printing was the order of day
The NWC appeal panel investigated all the petitions and interviewed delegates including the other contestants who participated in the primary election and released it’s report and findings.

That report was called the Anambra state electoral appeal panel report Of the NWC of PDP, reported categorically declared Dr Rich Egenti the winner of the primary and recommended that he be returned as candidate of the party

It’s important to note that the Constitution of PDP abrogated the powers of the NWC through NEC to the Electoral Appeal panel report as final in all matters concerning primary election.

Ayika then came up with an idea: that the only way out for him was to discredit the candidacy of Dr Rich Egenti by brandishing him as been sponsored by onye-ndozi the apga candidate and sitting house MEMBER.

The idea worked and quickly sold the idea to the hierarchy of the party including his Excellency Gov Peter Obi.
His satanic idea worked temporarily in the interim but God ruleth over the affairs of men.

Dr Egenti quickly approached the courts wherein the court affirmed that Egenti was the candidate who won the election and should by returned as authentic candidate of the PDP by virtue of the NWC appeal panel report.

The pdp party hierarchy having bought the idea tried endlessly to overturn their own appeal panel report .

PDP in their usual impunity and disobedience to court orders refused to forward Egenti,s name to INEC

INEC quickly countered with a remark- to PDP that they have a court order suggestive that Dr Egenti be declared winner and issued with the certificate of return but your failure to forward Egenti,s name we “INEC ” shall leave the space blanck until further notice.
Ayika was never a party in the case that PDP appealed up to the supreme Court. So how could the supreme Court have declared him winner??


That case as litigated is on ayikas Facebook.

It is important to correct the false narrative papetrated by ayika that he got judgement from the supreme Court in his favor.

Now on another falsehood by ayika the supreme Court in that ruling said the PDP appeal is hereby struck out and other suits equally struck out.

It is clearly written ; PDP vs Richard Egenti & INEC

That Egenti,s case filed on 18th Oct was 2days outside the time; is equally struck out.
So it means no pronouncement was made on who was the PDP candidate to represent DNA at the 9th assembly.

Now what is the import of that ruling because the supreme Court struck even the PDP appeal.

There is a difference between struck out and dismissed in law.

Remember that in all these legal and political permutations the NWC appeal panel report is still subsisting.

The law is trite that when a case is struck out you are permitted to refile but if the Apex court had dismissed the case; you can’t refile.

That report declared Dr Richard Egenti winner and candidate of PDP.

Since INEC is a law abiding agency of govt they refused to heed to PDP numerous letters asking them not to obey the appeal panel report but rather accept whatever candidate they forwarded to inec.

It’s law that Dr Richard Egenti is deemed to have been on the ballot on election day of 23rd Feb and having won the election since it’s the party that canvasses for votes Egenti should have been given the certificate of return.

The returning OFFICER professor Raphael nnajiofor okigbo having not seen Egenti,s name decided to pronounce PDP winner without writing or mentioning the name of the candidate.

Now this pronouncement can only be made by a court or tribunal because the time for political parties to forward the names of candidate had elapsed.

This confusion and beligrence of PDP in refusing to forward Egenti,s name based on the satanic propaganda by ayika and his cohorts brought us to this juncture in DNA history
Despite all pressures to get him pronounce ayika as winner proved ABORTIVE.


He Obtained 1st class in physics Masters IN GEOPHYSICS and also Masters in METAPHYSICS and later acquired doctoral degree in METAPHYSICS at one of the best metaphysical universities in the world

He lives in the United States of AMERICA. He was at the prime age of 26yrs the youngest chairman of the Nigeria polish business council

He oversaw the affairs of the the govt of Poland in Nigeria working closely with the commercial attache of the Polish embassy Majoring in political tactics and hardball
Consequently he left back to the United States where he enrolled at the Chicago institute of politics.

He is noted to have contested election for DNA 4yrs ago in a parallel primary which hon Dr okey Eze eventually won
Under the guidance of David Axelrod who was a one time president Obama campaign manager

The satanic propaganda of valentine ayika will hit him on the face once the tribunal proclaims that ayika was never the PDP candidate abinito and shouldn’t have been given the certificate of return and if such cert had been issued in error should be nullified and reissued to Dr Egenti

Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson reporting From Abuja.

Igwe Nnewi Prays For Smart, Congratulates Him On Election Victory


The Traditional Ruler of Nnewi and Grand Patron, Anambra State Traditional Rulers Council, Igwe Dr. K.O.N Orizu III, has congratulated the Anambra State House Of Assembly Member-Elect for Nnewi North State Constituency, Nonso Okafor (SMART) over his victory in the last Saturday’s House of Assembly election.

Igwe Dr. Kenneth Orizu III offered his congratulatory message when Nonso Okafor, paid him homage in his palace yesterday, Friday 16th March, 2019, with his campaign team.

Speaking during the visit, Igwe Dr. K.O.N Orizu III, congratulated Nonso Okafor (SMART) on his victory in the polls which he described as divine and prayed for his success in Anambra State House of Assembly.

Speaking further, he urged him to ensure that Nnewi is well represented in Anambra State House of Assembly and advised him not to forget the needs of the downtrodden who ensured that he was elected.

He however described Nonso Okafor (SMART) as one whose story of humble beginning inspires and encouraged him not relent in his efforts to serve the people.

On his part, the Anambra State House of Assembly Member-Elect for Nnewi North State Constituency, Nonso Okafor, thanked the Monarch for all his support and prayers and promised not to disappoint him and Nnewi.

Speaking, he said, “I am here to inform you of my victory and also to receive your royal blessings as I prepare to represent our town in Anambra State House Assembly. I believe that your prayers and support will give me more courage and boldness in ensuring that Nnewi receives quality representation.

He added, “I will sponsor bills and motions that will help to specifically tackle major developmental and socio-economic problems confronting our town and in Anambra State, Nnewi will fully represented this time, he concluded.

Nonso Okafor was accompanied to the visit with his campaign team led by the Director-General of the Campaign Organization, Arc. Paul Ileka (Solid Base).

Ebubechukwuzuloke Brown.
Nnewi, Anambra State.

APGA Family Umudioka Ward 2 Appoints Hon Richard Omeazu As Their Acting Chairma(Picturs and Documents)

Earlier Yesterday, the executive, APGA faithful, appointees and stakeholders of Umudioka Ward 2; Dunukofia LGA have suspended the chairman of APGA for their ward, Mr. Okechukwu Udeagu and appointed Hon Richard Omeazu As Their Acting Chairman and Hon Peter Nwosu (Ezebunafor) to assist him.

The suspension was not unconnected to accusations of blatant anti-party activities; leading of bandits to intimidate fellow party officials, withholding and embezzlement of funds meant for campaigns and others, his clear mobilization of people for his new found party and love – the PDP and threat to persons who refuses to join him in his new party.

Albeit Mr. Okechukwu not supporting the party, APGA Family in Umudioka ward 2 won the last Saturday’s election for APGA and Hon. Lawrence Ezeudu.

The APGA Family held a stakeholders meeting yesterday to appraise their outing. The meeting rose with a communique duly signed by all the twenty executive members of the ward, the appointees and other stakeholders suspending the chairman and appointing an Acting Chairman in his stead.

The communique further directed the erstwhile chairman to face the disciplinary committee and clear himself of the weighty allegations levelled against him.

Let us continue moving forward, APGA bu nke anyi.

Please see attached documents for details.

Umudioka is APGA

Apga is Igbo Identity.

Hon Chike Odoji SSA to the Governor on IGR and Hon Adinnu Onyebuchi
Kwube Adike, Hon Ifeanyi Unamba (MONGO PARK) and Hon Uzofo