I Will Come And Testify That Richard Egenti Won DNA PDP PRIMARY ELECTION-Pharma ike chinedu klinsmann

I have been getting numerous calls concerning the PDP stand-off in Anaocha/Njikoka/Dunukofia Fed Constituency after the PDP primaries and this is my position for the records.

You see, God has his own way of fighting his battles.

Ayika thought that stealing the primary with money he paid to the state PDP leadership will give him victory. His problem has not even started. We are still in Genesis

They don’t even know how to cheat, very fraudulent people (Val and his state PDP cohorts)

PDP sent a ballot paper from Abuja containing my real name Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu.

The mischevious fellows went to a business center in Awka and produced their own ballot paper writing Ikeagwuonwu klinsmann because that was the name on my poster as they don’t know my real name.

Val Ayika paid huge sum of money to the state PDP and they smuggled the ballot papers they marked for Val into our primary at Abagana and inserted many of them there. As far as I and my team are concerned, the PDP primaries at Abagana that day was inconclusive and the PDP appeal panel said so. That PDP primary did not produce any candidate that day and Valentine Ayika is a fraud.

Now God is coming to punish them. Onye buru chi ya Uzo ogbagbuo onwe ya n’oso

You see, I don’t want to join issue with their nonsense. I am a pharmacist and God has blessed me. I decided to focus on my profession and return back to Sweden and left everything in the hands of God

For our information, I Ikeagwuonwu chinedu KLINSMANN is supporting Richard Egenti 100%. If the tribunal calls me, I will come and testify that Richard Egenti won. You heard me right, yes Richard Egenti won, that was what PDP appeal told us after the primary

I went to appeal against Val Ayika with Richard Egenti and the PDP appeal panel declared Egenti winner of the primary and not Val Ayika and I am ready to spend millions of naira to send that intruder Ayika back to Enugwu ukwu period.

As far as I am concerned Richard Egenti won and he will defeat Ayika at the tribunal. Amen

Pharma ike chinedu klinsmann
Ohamadike Dunukofia

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I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson, a media analyst. Let's hit the globe with current news.

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