Matter Arising :Review And Advancement Of Our Political Jurisprudence In The Days Of Dr Rich Egenti (PhD); Matters Arising.

(1) Can an appeal panel report of the PDP NWC declare someone a winner of a primary and returned as candidate for the 2019 General election while a few people sitting in the living room cocort a result sheet, thereby sent another name to INEC ?

(11)Can a person who is not party to a ruling claim to have won a ruling he is not party to? PDP vs Rich Egenti & INEC was struck out for been incompetent thereby awarded rich Egenti & INEC 1million to be shared among them. How does that constitute a judgement in favor of ayika?

💧The PDP appeal was equally struck out as well as Rich Egenti suit at the lower Court.

(111) if the Appellant appeal ,the lower court suit and everything was struck out, what then is the status quo?

(1V)Could the status quo be the PDP appeal panel report of the NWC declaring Egenti winner and returned as candidate for the 2019 election or the forwarding of Ayika,s name to INEC which inec refused to upload on the ballot up to the election of 23rd Feb 2019!

(V)If a returning officer of the an election PROF RAPHAEL NNAJI FOR OKIGBO refuses to declare a name against PDP 3days after a general election ; who has the power to decide who the candidate is? Is it the tribunal , political party or INEC ?

(VI) Which is final between an appeal panel report of the NWC of a party or a concorted result sheet at a primary election? Can the NWC of a political party be talking from two sides of it’s mouth? At one end declared someone winner and candidate and in another instance send another person’s name to INEC?

The tribunal shall tell us the answer!

(VII) Is there a material difference between struck out and dismissed in law ???? Can you refile another suit if your former suit was struck out cos you didn’t file on time within 14days of your cause of action or you are banned for life from refiling especially where the parties in the new suit are different and when the supreme Court didn’t decide who the PDP candidate was? The tribunal shall tell us.

(VIII) Can a candidate who was not declared winner by INEC represented by a returning officer turn arround and issue a certificate of return to same candidate 5days after a general election without recourse to the circumstances leading up to the election.

(IX) Can a political party which came 2nd approach a court for redress especially where no candidate was declared winner in PDP who won the election ?

Why did the returning officer not declare a name in front of PDP as the winner of the election?

The decision of the returning officer in all matters election is final until changed by a competent court or tribunal

(X) The political jurisprudence of DNA shall be enhanced after the learned men of the tribunal proffers answer to the puzzles and the answer may send shock wave in anambra politics for years to come. The students of politics shall dwell on these postulations as we patiently await the answers in weeks to come.

I am Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson (Chief Priest) Reporting From Awka.

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